“Quick but still feels like a good workout. Exactly what I need. Love Kaisa Mibility ❤️”


“Doesn’t matter how many times I have done this work out, it’s still one of my very favorite - it’s also one of the first workout I come back to after some time away! Love it!!”

— Wan S.

“It was tough for me but I pushed through!! I can't wait to get fit enough to do it at a higher pace. Thank you!!!”

— Karega M.

“Just added the mobility cardio after several months of mobility one. I'm excited about my progress. And these workouts are so much fun!”

— Karen F.

“I expected more cardio intensity.”

— Esther G.

“I love this so much. My back has been acting up lately and these videos help to loosen everything up and get a good sweat in. Thank you!”

— Marissa H.

“I've been doing the Mobility workouts for three days and can safely say that I look forward to the workouts when I wake up in the mornings. The workouts force a lot oult of me, but I can feel how I'm progressing, even after only having done them for three days. I cannot wait to see my progress a month from now! Thank you for creating Kaisa Fit!”

— Candance G.

“Mobility cardio has been such a whole different experience when moving my body, I’ve been using these moves for warmups or second workout before end of day. I totally enjoy and would recommend to anyone!....Than you Kaisa!!!!”

— Evelin R.

“Great program!”

— Sabine T.

“Great 👍👍”

— Julie L.

“I love Mobility Cardio. Got my heart rate up and was fun to do. I was hesitant at first because of the cost but worth every penny. I highly recommend for so many reasons: Kaisa is easy to follow and motivational, the mobility has been helping me get out of pain after a running injury when nothing else was helping, I feel like I'm getting a good workout in, and it's easy to fit into my schedule with the different length videos.”

— Katharine H.

“great workout but I find a couple of moves challenging and would love to have a written version so I can check that my arms and legs are in the right places and so I can be sure I have proper form”

— Tanja V.

“I just did my first full week of mobility workouts, and I feel like my whole body is waking up. I am fortunate to work from home during the pandemic, but sitting at a home desk all day has me hurting, and the colder weather means I'm not getting outside to move nearly as often. Thank you, Kaisa for such a unique but accessible, mobility-focused workout that feels like a long term investment in how my body functions and FEELS (not just how it looks).”

— Elizabeth W.

“This woman is amazing it’s like she knows my body better than I do! I feel so refreshed after every workout and not exhausted like I would normally feel after my usual gum session. My mobility has improved so much in such a short space of time and especially in my ridiculously tight hips which can cause me a lot of discomfort. Could not recommend kaisafit enough and her podcasts are like therapy to me, I just wish I knew her personally to meet up for a coffee every now again haha”

— Amy H.

“I loooooveeeee it! You are awesome and I am very excited to continue going through the workouts! 😃 it is helping me a lot to warm up properly before my weight workouts.”

— Gabriela G.

“Did your mobility cardio. And I loooved it!!!! Amazing and challenging moves. I used to be so active and run a half marathon and just move. Your philosophy to have fun moving and move in my own pace brought me back to my active self. And it feels so good to treat myself and feel so energetic. Thank you. Will try the other programs too!”

— Darcie F.

“It’s been challenging for me to get back into a movement regimen and Kaisa is making it so easy! I bought the bundle and I love how I can switch it up each day so I never get bored! I appreciate the focus on strengthening and can feel it already after just one week.”

— Elizabeth Joy Z.

“I've been really enjoying all of the workouts in Kaisa's Mobility Package. For a lot of this year I've been doing really intense HIIT workouts (not Kaisa's programs) but not getting enough recovery time in. So I would get a minor stain injury about once a month. After taking a break from hard workouts, this routine has gotten me back into exercise and I love the way it both warms-up and stretches my body.”

— Sonja L.

“I love how this workout wakes up my body first thing in the morning and sets my mind and muscles up for the day ahead. I sweat, I burn and I fatigue - all without a crazy intensity. The breathing and stillness at the end of it all gives me a chance to show gratitude, relax, and get mentally prepared for my day. Love it!”

— Belinda A.

“to think you can have it all with this 10 minute workout...cardio, mobility and strength. can be a workout in itself or a warmup for anything you do....crossfit, running, swimming, etc...thank you Kaisa!”

— Darlene V.

“I was kinda dreading this one... but wooh! That was awesome! This is going to be a regular one to do cause i loved the moves & loved the sweat.”

— Jamie S.

“good job”

— Sandro B.

“I am a longtime yogi and was struggling to make the transition to zoom classes after the studio closed with the pandemic. There was never the right class scheduled at the right time. Now with this mobility series , I do the workout that's right for me, whenever I want. Kaisa packs so much into a 30 minute workout and is so motivating! I feel fantastic after each one. Cardio really got my heart pumping and sweat flying but I never felt like I was in danger of hurting myself. The 30 minutes fly by and she does a perfect relaxation at the end. I am super pleased with this purchase!”

— Kristina M.

“Due to total knee replacement I’m not able to do the all 4 on the ground movements. Other than that definitely a good work out.”

— Victoria W.

“EXCELLENT!! I have been really enjoying Kaisa's mobility series (One, Strength and Core). I wasn't sure how I would feel about Cardio+Mobility but this one really blew me away! I felt absolutely amazing when I did it! Great cues and you work up a sweat while getting some great mobility work in. Challenging enough to make you work up a sweat but not over the top exhausting. Really looking forward to working this one into my active recovery days as part of my weekly routine. Thank you Kaisa!!!”

— Kimberly L.

“I just started this week and all I can say is: THANK YOU! This workout is the perfect combination of getting that heart rate up and working on your mobility at the same time. It really amazed me how much fun I had - your explanations are so easy to follow. Greetings from Amman, Jordan!”

— Julia A.

“I love this workout because it seems to be moving at a normal pace and then you start sweating out of nowhere. I would love to have 2-3 options. I would love a 45 minute no instructions cardio workout. Also love the warm ups and cool downs.”

— Ana P.

“Loved every min of this... It was the challenge I needed... I bought the package to have different routines for mobility and functional movement when I need it and have time. I am 100% satisfied with my investment, I can use it on my own time when needed. Being I paid for it helps me get up and use it. It is a win win for both of us. Thank you for putting this out here and at great cost. I love your go team spirit!!!”

— Susan T.

“I knew when Mobility strength and core came out I would be excited, and I was nervous to try cardio because I usually prefer the other two. This is my favorite routine hands down. You break a productive sweat and the dynamic movement really challenges me. I can't wait till see how I improve utilizing this routine.”

— Lauren T.

“I love it. Kaisa is a pleasure.”

— Rachel G.

“Love the videos, workouts are so creative and fun to do. 10 min cardio is just a perfect warmup for a quick stretch session.”

— Daša P.

“Ok so I started with mobility one for about a week.. then moved to his as I felt i needed this die to the weather getting colder so I'm not able to walk my usual walk... and I must say after just 2 weeks of implementing the mobility one flexibility and this cardio routine. Lisa is kicking my toosh and I'm happy about it. The longer vids give instructions to the moves the shorter ones give more impact in a shorter time. This video pack was worth its weight in coins I spent and then some. I'm already seeing mobility results.. and I'm feeling great when I leave my mat. So thank you Kiasa for putting this together and having the passion for it. You are truly a diamond in the rough. I hope to be a le to post some before Kiasia and after Kiasa pictures.. lol 😉 I cant wait to try the other workouts I purchased in the mobility pack. And then put together my own little monthly calendar..”


“Hi Kaisa, I love my mobility bundle and I enjoy them a lot. They bring the variety I needed between yoga and dancing. I feel great all day after doing them.”

— Claudie P.

“I love the program but so far I have not seen/felt any improvements in my mobility, in fact, I actually feel less mobility. I'm going to assume that's because I just started and I need to be patient - and get back in shape. For reference, I am a 53-year-old female that just had arthroscopic knee surgery in July. I've been an athlete my entire life and have always worked out - and pretty aggressively (running, Zumba, hiking, biking, walking, playing bball with my kids, skiing, etc.).”

— Krisann H.

“I’m 6 months postpartum and let me tell you, this is the push that I needed. I have a really bad lower back and knee pain from carrying around a 45 pound 2 year old and 6 month old. These work outs are low impact and don’t kill your knees or back at all! I love how it focuses on stretching with the heart pumping exercise moves. Thank you so much for creating this!!”

— Cheyenne D.

“I cannot recommend this highly enough! I tried other mobility routines and I love them all. They are beautifully thought through and make your body feel 10 years younger. Right now my personal favourite regime is flow mobility cardio followed by 10 min series of mobility core and 10 min mobility strength. They are exciting, effective and challenging but totally achievable. Thank you for sharing this!”

— Joanna J.

“Short, strong, sweet and sore ....in a good way. Improving my sleep. More power!”

— Deanna Mae A.

“Love, love this new combo original combinations. Keep them coming maybe your next one can have bands.”

— Chantal D.

“I wanted something new, and this is so completely worth it. I already feel stronger. Can't wait to do more”

— JaNet T.

“For Someone with Injuries in my shoulder and knee this is exactly what i was looking for. Sometimes in yoga my muscles can fatigue easily but with this flow makes for a fun, challenging yet super beneficial workout.”

— Jaime L.

“Thanks for checking in Kaisa! First week of using your fitness workout calendar. It definitely helps me keep on track and keeps routines in healthy rotation. Love it!”

— Marcie L.

“As a massage therapist and yoga teacher who has looked at training for and classes that incorporate mobility I found that Kaisa's enthusiasm, obvious knowledge and creative sequencing work well in the context of what I know as well as provide an opportunity to continue to grow & learn; Not to mention the actual workout is fun and challenging! With the current times we All find ourselves in she also made this opportunity most affordable/accessible and for that I am most grateful! Keep up your efforts; I'll be looking forward to the next launch! And hopeful for a viable virtual training option in the near future! LeAnn Nequette, LMT-AL, 200-ERYT, MA Birmingham, AL”

— LeAnn N.

“Mobility cardio is awesome! I use mini (the 10 min one) as a warm up for my home workouts. Feels sooooo good. 💦”

— Ulrika L.

“Love this mobility series!!!”

— Esther H.

“Mobility cardio is so awesome! I typically get bored of the bike and other cardio, but this was so fun and effective! I was a little nervous with some of the moves because I have Harrington rods from T4 to T11 of my spine. But I surprised myself being able to do them! Thank you so much for this Kaisa!”

— Heather R.

“Cardio Mobility is challenging and rewarding! Perfect combination with Mobility Core. ❤Thank you Kaisa❤”


“Ahhhhh!!!! I absolutely love love love you Kaisa! This workout was the bomb dot com. Just like you said by the end of the workout I felt rejuvenated and excited to do it again.”

— Lily V.

“These movements are giving me life. My body needed this program! Thank you for creating this for women, I am loving it so far!”

— Laura O.

“Just tried the instructional and I love how the intensity sneaks up on you! At first I was thinking, oh I don't know if I'll get that sweaty.... then boom... Thanks for another great workout Kaisa! I look forward to moving on to the faster version.”

— Tania C.

“Love, love, love! Just completed the 40min instructional video and boy was I sweating!! I used the 10 min mobility one as a warm-up and I feel amazing! These mobility programs are amazing and I recommend d them to anyone and everyone!! Just amazing!! Thank you Kaisa for creating these programs that are challenging and rejuvenating!!”

— Kelsey M.

“Loving the bundle!! My body thanks you!!”

— Donna M.

“Another great mobility program!kaisa has really changed my whole outlook on body image, exercise and movement. Thank you kaisa! X”

— Rachel V.

“Love it!”

— Shannon D.

“Love the 10min as a warm up”

— Loren K.