“Love this quick 15-minute Short Movement Snack with Marissa! Just what I needed to get me going for my day when I don't have much time but want to move. Love the mobility routine work she did! Ready for my day! :-)”

— Lori S.

“Absolutely love this series! The instructors are motivating and really work you hard in such a short time. I am grateful for the modifications given and I use them when needed.These workouts are fun and invigorating, and I feel great!”

— Sara L.

“No matter how many times I've done Kalliy's training, I continue enjoying his exercices as much as his patience, humanity, and sense of humor... and at the end, I'm energized. Thank you!!”

— Paola D.

“Great re-introduction to my beloved kettlebells with the short routine! Easy to follow, mods for every exercise, chill personality. Looking forward to doing this one again.”

— Elizabeth S.

“Love this! It was fun to have different trainers with multiple lengths of time and different approaches! I especially love the natural movement portions, the band work outs and the kettlebells! There’s some competitive trash talk from some of Kaisa’s close friends which just makes you laugh, with some really awesome self acceptance and encouragement from each coach, fun addition to my lengthy Kaisa library!”

— Kaylee C.

“Kaisa is always innovating, keeping us keen, motivated and moving!! Feeling so appreciative of her kindness through this additional Team Workout Series. The variety in the trainers and their workouts is such a bonus to an already amazing series. Kaisa is always thinking ahead and staying ahead! My husband and I love our mornings together working out to Kaisa's videos. Thank you for keep us fit and sane through these tough pandemic times.”

— Catherine C.

“Ending my day with the gentle yoga with Abiola right after a warm-up+20/20 video was AMAZING. The way she guides you through breathing and stretching, was everything I needed. I now plan to incorporate this video frequently, whenever I'm stressed or need a cool down, or a wake up. When I repeated her mantra at the end, tears came, with a breath of release. Really appreciative that the Team videos came online.”

— Mary S.

“Thank you for the generous gift. I am loving your workouts.”

— Tiffany B.

“Dear Kaisa, thank you so much for this wonderful gift!!!! Can't wait to try them all!”

— Sabine T.

“There is so much to try! I've already worked out with kettlebell and I love it. It starts with a little warm up, then there are exercises to get your hear going and then when sweat covers your eyes the training begins. Just kidding but I love how the training is divided, you can do as much as you feel that day. Perfect <3 Can't wait to try the rest :D”

— Katarzyna W.

“Haven’t used the videos yes. Focused on our current routine. We will incorporate these into our 2021 plan. We are simply grateful for the thought. We originally bought the program for our girls (biracial with varying body types) because we appreciated how you had a truly diverse crew. But now, the whole fam gets down with your trainings. We love everything about you and your program. God Bless!”

— Talia S.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Such a wonderful gift and a great way to end 2020 and start 2021!!! Let’s go team!”

— Tanya T.

“I already love everything about your program and now thank you so much for adding to it. That is so generous of you and so great to see someone who looks out for their clients. My daughter love this is hoping on purchasing a bundle as soon as she can. Thank you so much again.”

— Gloria J.

“So very grateful to receive such an awesome free gift to add to my already fab collection of Kaisa workouts. I can’t wait to try these. Thank you so much for your kindness. X”

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“I did my first workout of this series with Kalliy today. I loved it! I was super excited to hear about this program. I really dig the diversity of trainers and movement. Really great! Thank you!”

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“What a gift to receive such a variety of movements, workouts and instructors! Now I have every reason to be motivated. 🤗🙏🏽 Thanks so much!!! Would it be possible to include the instructors' names/socials under their videos so we can follow and support?”

— Xochi B.

“Robes kicked my butt! Thanks Kaisa!”

— Anthony L.

“This is exactly what I needed to round out my Kaisafit workouts. I had been doing the weights and bands on my own and love that this is here now to keep me motivated. :)”

— Edie I.

“Thank you so much for the gift! I love all of your workouts and can not wait to try these out! You are the best!”

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“the best !!! feel like I'm in heaven ❤️❤️❤️❤️”

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“What a wonderful Hanukkah present!! Thank you so much, Kaisa! Can’t wait to check it out!”

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“Wow, thank you for this wonderful gift! Can't wait to try some of these workouts!!”

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“Thank you Kaisa for this gift, for sharing so freely, and for inspiring us all to just move! Love these talented souls you have introduced to us! Great job everyone!”

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“Thank you for this great gift! :) I am so excited to try out all these different workouts. I appreciate the great variety in required equipment, length and form of the training programmes. Thanks again! ;)”

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“Thank you Kaisa very much for this gift!!! It is just amazing to have so many workouts to pick from. Thank you! :)”

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“wow thank you!! i'm hoping to work up to these! still doing the start up videos, but getting stronger every day. thanks again, what a nice surprise!!”

— Lorraine B.

“Thank you for your kindness, getting back into a fitness regime means everything & this is an awesome gift. Sylvia R, Ontario, Canada”

— Syl R.

“Thank you, Kaisa for this awesome gift can not wait to get started. Patricia Trinidad W.I.”

— Patricia A.

“Thank You! For this wonderful surprise gift. I started my home workout bundle and am totally enjoying it. This adds even more variety! Thank you for such an amazing gesture of giving. -Angelina, California”

— Angelina B.

“Thank you so much for the gift! I am so excited to try the new program. 😁”

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“Are you kidding me? What a surprise! I was gifted these workouts for free!!! What??!!?! I’m so excited to try these workouts out! I absolutely love everything else ‘Kaisa’ that I have. I recently injured my knee and was so happy and relieved to come upon Kaisa’s Mobility Start program. I enjoy it so much, I jumped at the chance to buy the rest of her programs.”

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“Very excited about this program. I have most if not all of your programs. None disappoint. Such inspiration and well done. I am a group fitness instructor and thru this pandemic have struggled with the desire to show up for my own workouts. My training classes are online but with lack of personal interaction I haven’t been motivated to do my own workouts. So thank you for all the wonderful programs I now have to choose from to keep my own workouts on point. Thanks again!!”

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“Is this for real?! I was gifted this amazing bundle and I am so excited! I absolutely love your workouts and appreciate your generosity!!”

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“Thank you Kaisa! I have been starting very slow with your beginner videos mostly. I have been very inactive during the pandemic, so taking it cautiously. Thank you for finally giving me the motivation and encouragement to start moving again, and to pat myself on the back for any and all movement I kindly give myself in a day. These new videos are a great addition to our already wonderful selection of available videos. It is fantastic to have these diverse teachers share their gifts with us. Our bodies, especially those above a certain age 😋, can feel dramatically different from one day to the next, therefore having more styles of movement to choose from is helpful. Already impressed with what I’ve seen and heard. The great thing about videos is that we can watch them, ( rewinding at will), in advance, to familiarize ourselves with the moves, try out a few at our own pace, as many times as we’d like, before actually setting out to do a complete routine from beginning to end. This way we can also figure out any adaptations we may need, to suit our personal comfort and safety, in advance. I’m very happy to have joined your ‘team’ as you call us.”

— Pnina B.

“Wow, I have never come across anything like this before! There are plenty of programs that touch on the things available in this program, but I have never seen it gifted like this was! The fact that Kaisa gave this excellent program to us for free demonstrates how much she believes in what she is doing and how much she cares about our wellbeing. I’m stunned and so grateful! Thank you so much!”

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“Wow! What a wonderful surprise. I have taken a sneak peek at all the workouts. Can't wait to try them all. Feeling really inspired. Thank you for the gift of movement!”

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“Thank you for the nice surprise. Its great to have the different options!”

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“This was such a lovely surprise in my inbox this morning Kaisa! Thank you! I am thoroughly enjoying all of your workouts. It was the “kick up the pants” that I needed during a Winter lockdown. I was getting a little jaded with the workouts that I was doing and I find your upbeat, positive training method and the wonderful versatility of options exactly what I needed to change things up. Rather than just not do a workout now when I’m not feeling so strong or so energetic, I just choose a shorter workout or something that will just help my body move. Starting my morning with you and your team helps me with my outlook on the day. :)”

— Sharyn M.

“Thank you so much Kaisa for this happy surprise package. I love that these are tailored for how much or how little time we have. I’m still struggling to get my form right with the basic two hand kettlebell swing. I know when I finally get it it will help my mobility and strength in my core. Friends tell me that I will know when I got it. Hopefully soon!”

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“Thank you so much. Totally unexpected and very much appreciated. Your mobility programs have helped unlock my hips, shoulders and back. I do one of the workouts everyday and feel so much better. Very excited to try this new series. Thanks again!!! You are amazing!!!”

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“Kaisa and Team! What an inspiration!!! Thank you so much for this awesome gift. I have been waiting for some dumbbell and kettlebell workouts!!! Absolute best!!! Thank you for sharing your platform with other teachers and trainers.”

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— stephanie t.