Mick?1 00:00:00,520 --> 00:00:01,948 - I love this workout. 2 00:00:01,948 --> 00:00:04,900 I've been doing Mobility One since it first came out 3 00:00:04,900 --> 00:00:08,090 and this is the perfect evolution to that program. 4 00:00:08,090 --> 00:00:11,220 A little more heat, more flow, more challenge. 5 00:00:11,220 --> 00:00:13,300 You just get a good sweat 6 00:00:13,300 --> 00:00:15,270 and it leaves your body feeling great. 7 00:00:15,270 --> 00:00:16,360 I highly recommend it 8 00:00:16,360 --> 00:00:19,060 and this will be a part of my weekly routine for sure. Sarah?1 00:00:01,670 --> 00:00:03,680 - I cannot rave enough about Kaiser's 2 00:00:03,680 --> 00:00:05,440 new program, Mobility Strength. 3 00:00:05,440 --> 00:00:07,640 I've been an athlete my whole life, 4 00:00:07,640 --> 00:00:10,320 so movement has been something that has been a constant. 5 00:00:10,320 --> 00:00:11,920 And I'm at a point now 6 00:00:11,920 --> 00:00:13,330 that I just really wanna do stuff 7 00:00:13,330 --> 00:00:15,170 that I not only enjoy doing, 8 00:00:15,170 --> 00:00:17,250 but my body responds really well to it. 9 00:00:17,250 --> 00:00:20,586 And this program hit all my expectations. 10 00:00:20,586 --> 00:00:23,350 First off, Kaiser is an amazing coach, 11 00:00:23,350 --> 00:00:26,456 her attitude, her positive feedback, 12 00:00:26,456 --> 00:00:28,370 her energy that she brings, 13 00:00:28,370 --> 00:00:29,920 the movements have been something 14 00:00:29,920 --> 00:00:31,430 that I have never seen before. 15 00:00:31,430 --> 00:00:33,500 So it's really cool to try something new 16 00:00:33,500 --> 00:00:36,360 that my body responds so well to. 17 00:00:36,360 --> 00:00:37,680 And she gives great cues, 18 00:00:37,680 --> 00:00:39,340 I find myself pushing myself 19 00:00:39,340 --> 00:00:41,760 by her adjustments throughout the workout. 20 00:00:41,760 --> 00:00:43,640 Also, it feels good on my body, 21 00:00:43,640 --> 00:00:45,890 I feel strong, I feel powerful. 22 00:00:45,890 --> 00:00:47,400 I'm not the most flexible person, 23 00:00:47,400 --> 00:00:49,140 so I find that this movement 24 00:00:49,140 --> 00:00:51,180 is really helped them lengthen, 25 00:00:51,180 --> 00:00:54,570 and the mobility piece with the strength side 26 00:00:54,570 --> 00:00:58,010 kinda gives me both that flexibility aspect 27 00:00:58,010 --> 00:01:00,040 that I'm looking for along with getting 28 00:01:00,040 --> 00:01:01,360 strong with my body weight. 29 00:01:01,360 --> 00:01:05,150 So only positive things I have to say about this program. 30 00:01:05,150 --> 00:01:07,960 I've done a lot of her other programs that she offers. 31 00:01:07,960 --> 00:01:09,490 This is a new spin to it, 32 00:01:09,490 --> 00:01:10,950 which I love and adore. 33 00:01:10,950 --> 00:01:12,610 So I highly suggest you check it out. 34 00:01:12,610 --> 00:01:13,910 You won't be disappointed. Mike Taylor?1 00:00:01,310 --> 00:00:06,310 - I am obsessed with Kaisa's new mobility strength program. 2 00:00:06,540 --> 00:00:09,110 It is truly amazing. 3 00:00:09,110 --> 00:00:13,310 I do a lot of yoga, I do a lot of strength training 4 00:00:13,310 --> 00:00:16,410 and this will completely replace 5 00:00:16,410 --> 00:00:18,353 doing some of those classes. 6 00:00:19,758 --> 00:00:22,040 It is such a fun workout. 7 00:00:22,040 --> 00:00:26,750 I can truly say my body has never moved this way before 8 00:00:26,750 --> 00:00:29,930 and, just after doing it a few times, 9 00:00:29,930 --> 00:00:33,190 I feel like my range of motion has already improved. 10 00:00:33,190 --> 00:00:36,570 And it's just honestly really fun. 11 00:00:36,570 --> 00:00:39,420 It's high energy but it's still low impact, 12 00:00:39,420 --> 00:00:44,420 which is really nice, both as a full workout 13 00:00:44,529 --> 00:00:48,660 or the mini one for a warmup or a cooldown 14 00:00:48,660 --> 00:00:51,403 or just when I need to get away from my desk. 15 00:00:53,440 --> 00:00:58,430 I love Kaisa's programs but this is by far my favorite one 16 00:00:58,430 --> 00:01:00,250 that she's ever released, 17 00:01:00,250 --> 00:01:04,210 and I seriously hope that she makes more of these 18 00:01:04,210 --> 00:01:09,050 because I could do this every day and be so happy. 19 00:01:09,050 --> 00:01:10,833 So thank you, Kaisa! Bart?1 00:00:00,810 --> 00:00:03,003 - So I just got done with a run. 2 00:00:04,400 --> 00:00:07,080 And I normally run just regular stretches 3 00:00:07,080 --> 00:00:08,600 and hit the road, 4 00:00:08,600 --> 00:00:11,710 but I've been incorporating mobility strength 5 00:00:11,710 --> 00:00:13,250 before going out there now, 6 00:00:13,250 --> 00:00:16,420 and I'll say my runs are faster, 7 00:00:16,420 --> 00:00:19,170 I feel just way more stretched out, 8 00:00:19,170 --> 00:00:21,600 no more tightness in my legs and shoulders 9 00:00:21,600 --> 00:00:23,200 while bouncing around, 10 00:00:23,200 --> 00:00:28,050 and just am gonna start incorporating mobility strength 11 00:00:28,050 --> 00:00:30,420 into pretty much every run I do, 12 00:00:30,420 --> 00:00:32,820 or days that I'm not running, 13 00:00:32,820 --> 00:00:35,810 I'll just do the longer form one or a short one 14 00:00:35,810 --> 00:00:37,570 before and after. 15 00:00:37,570 --> 00:00:41,320 Highly recommend it to anybody that's just doing 16 00:00:41,320 --> 00:00:43,490 kind of the basics out there. 17 00:00:43,490 --> 00:00:44,620 And when it comes to classes, 18 00:00:44,620 --> 00:00:47,010 maybe like a barre or a yoga, 19 00:00:47,010 --> 00:00:49,980 I'd highly recommend switching it up 20 00:00:49,980 --> 00:00:52,110 and trying mobility. 21 00:00:52,110 --> 00:00:54,510 We're literally talking about improving 22 00:00:54,510 --> 00:00:56,460 every range of motion in your body, 23 00:00:56,460 --> 00:01:01,370 so from a person that only runs for the most part 24 00:01:01,370 --> 00:01:03,780 and has added this into their routine, 25 00:01:03,780 --> 00:01:06,270 I highly, highly recommend it. 26 00:01:06,270 --> 00:01:10,220 So Kaisa, thank you for the incredible energy 27 00:01:10,220 --> 00:01:11,960 at all times in guiding us through it. 28 00:01:11,960 --> 00:01:14,350 So yeah, appreciate it. 29 00:01:14,350 --> 00:01:19,133 And if you're not using this program, jump on today. Lynsey?1 00:00:00,700 --> 00:00:04,380 - I loved Kaisa's mobility strength workouts 2 00:00:04,380 --> 00:00:07,630 because I felt like it was a really great recovery workout, 3 00:00:07,630 --> 00:00:12,450 especially after our day, our hard week of working out, 4 00:00:12,450 --> 00:00:14,830 it's a great way to recover, 5 00:00:14,830 --> 00:00:17,000 it gets a lot of deep, it incorporates a lot of 6 00:00:17,000 --> 00:00:20,650 deep stretching and, but also 7 00:00:20,650 --> 00:00:23,110 there's the different strength exercises involved too 8 00:00:23,110 --> 00:00:25,700 and so you kind of feel like you're getting a workout 9 00:00:25,700 --> 00:00:27,603 and a deep stretch all in one. Mikko?1 00:00:00,930 --> 00:00:02,480 - Hey, I just wanted to give a quick shout out 2 00:00:02,480 --> 00:00:05,920 to Ky Center new mobility strength program. 3 00:00:05,920 --> 00:00:07,630 It's a new form of movement for me, 4 00:00:07,630 --> 00:00:10,043 but my body's absolutely loving it. 5 00:00:11,020 --> 00:00:13,960 I'm feeling a lot more fluid in my day to day life, 6 00:00:13,960 --> 00:00:17,490 not to mention, when I go running, I feel a lot better, 7 00:00:17,490 --> 00:00:20,660 when I play golf on the weekends, my swing's better, 8 00:00:20,660 --> 00:00:21,920 I have more strength, 9 00:00:21,920 --> 00:00:23,810 so overall, it's an awesome program 10 00:00:23,810 --> 00:00:25,410 and I'd recommend it to anybody.
“It is inspirational, well laid-out, and probably effective. But the instructor's approach was too vague for me to follow along with; it was all verbal encouragement when I needed specific instructions. This may be an uncommon take on this trainer and her approach. I'm neurodiverse so have some strong preferences at times!”

— alexandra b.

“This is a comprehensive workout that combines Pilates, Yoga, and body weight strength training in a fun way that you can do as you age! After menopause I was struggling to find an effective routine that made me feel better and not worse. This is it! Antonia G.”

— Antonia G.

“My go to deep stretch abd recovery sess after a hard weeks training. Love it.”

— Tricia P.

“I'm just one week in and I've only done the workout once :) but this is exactly what I was looking for. It's challenging yet totally accessible and Kaisa really knows how to keep you motivated. I really respond well to her positive vibe. Looking forward to working on this a lot in the following months!”

— Alejandro F.

“I’ve enjoy the BOUNTY of free content you have generously offered and took advantage of your $20 gift to purchase a Mobility program. As with all I’ve tried so far I LOVE Mobility Strength. I am 48, an active mom with 5 kids, and a fitness enthusiast. My gym partner and I rarely miss mobility on Sundays and this addition has been welcomed. THANK YOU, Kaisa and team.”

— Nancy N.

“This routine challenged me in all the right ways! I loveeee this workout! Totally underestimated it lol”

— Jaelynn L.

“I like the movements very much and feel very stretched after each session.”

— Gretta C.

“I love this routine! It combines the yoga I know and love, with some very effective strength exercises. I can't wait to master this class so I can move on to something more difficult. Thank you for creating this program! Thank you too, for all of the soul-enriching, personal videos that I have found from you, linked to my membership here. You are a breath of fresh air, and an absolute positive inspiration for all of us curvy and strong women in the world. You are the voice in my head now: "I am more then my body"! and yes I am!!”

— Nancy M.

“I just LOVE your workouts <3”

— Elisabeth K.

“Great combos, total body waking, fascia focus trainings! Thank you!”

— Lilla L.

“All great Kasia. I loved in Mobility one how you broke down all the movements in videos and the PDF. I wish the rest to be the same. Thanks for the great quality.”

— Bassel Y.

“Omg Finally a yoga instructor who doesn't do the breathy medtative voice that drives me bananas. Love you, love the "coach" feel yippy put off and your program kicked my ass. Singing your praises”

— Julie J.

“I feel so flexible after doing this video, a couple more times through the instructional vid and I'll be ready to take on the flow version. The short warm up video is perfect before CrossFit.”

— Christine B.

“LOVE LOVE LOVE this workout series. Mobility Strength is my absolutely favourite. I love yoga but I sometimes get bored or antsy holding movements or the pace is just too slow for my liking... but Kaisa's take on mobility is yoga kicked up a notch. Love is the only word I can use to describe. I also LOOOVE how energetic and positive Kaisa is: "GO TEAM!" If you are weary about purchasing these workouts, I feel ya... but I am SO happy I said "F*** it" and did. I purchased many more workout series too. You will not regret it... money well spent! :) THANK YOU KAISA! <3”

— Brittney C L.

“This is exactly the type of workout I've been looking for. I've started doing the 10-minute version a few times per week and I feel so good the next morning, without any of my usual stiffness upon waking. I love the three options, I'm still able to do something good for my body even if only for ten minutes. When I have time, I think it will feel heavenly to do the 40-minute version.”

— AMY V.

“I genuinely love these videos and do them over and over again - with my own music playing in the background which is fun - whenever I feel like I got 'stuck' in my various other fitness routines. They are a bit challenging but not so challenging I can't (mostly) do them after taking some time off fitness. I feel like they are the best part of gym+yoga+pilates but without all the rules and equipment and barriers-to-entry of each. Thank you Kaisa!”

— Susan L.

“Hello Kaisa! I folllow you since last year and let me tell you that most of all your energy has cautivated me so I gave me this opportunity to try one of your program. I´m a kundalini yoga teacher but a intensive mature woman (49 years old) and your mobility strenght program has been very helpfull for my joints! it is so different to streching, it is giving me control of my muscles, a very helpfull way to start my training or even finishing. Thank you for share this knowledge. Love you. Ana Graciela Graham Tabasco, Mexico.”

— Ana Graciela G.

“I bought the whole bundle and am in love with this program. I need an entire library of workouts like this!”

— Jennifer C.

“I absolutely love all my programs. I have always had above average muscle strength, but there's an huge misconception about strength. It's not much use and so susceptible to injury without mobility. These programs are exactly what my body needs. They are easy to follow and I see improvement with my mobility each time I do it. Thank you so much for sharing these and for being your incredible inspiration.”

— Becky M.

“I love this SO much! It's everything I love about yoga, Pilates, and stretching all rolled into one. I'm excited to see how my body changes and how I feel after a few months of this type of movement. It feels good to MOVE!”

— Megan F.

“As a longtime competitive athlete who’s been idle during quarantine, these flows are IDEAL. They focus on such a wide range of mobility while giving you a workout. it’s tough but doable.”

— Katie R.

“This is one of the best mobility routines i've found. I would suggest tho...that those of us w/ lbp (lower back pain) watch this first, to make sure to be careful w/ these..and possibly modify anything here that might aggravate it further. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bcbuhePZZj0&ab_channel=JeremyEthier”

— steve b.

“Love it!!”

— Kindra B.

“Good but too much toe work for me. Back to one”

— Teresa V.

“I’m a long time exercise and athletics person, But in my 40s I’m finding mobility is turning into the keyword for everything I do. Just bing strong is no longer enough if I want to keep on working well at spirts and my work. I really like the full range of motion and the constant return to a stretch during the workout. I don’t have time for a full yoga and a full callisthenics workout every day and this is a nice compromise.”

— Leeanne B.

“Oooooooh weeeeeeee Kaisa, this is perfect! This Brazilian heat with you leading the way makes for some EPIC workouts! Loving it. 1 down...3 more to go. Muito obrigado.”


“Very challenging but accessible for any level. Fantastic for increasing strength over time while remaining challenging as you develop”

— Meagan N.

“I think this is excellent for people who have previously been injured and want to avoid aggravating past (fully rehabbed) issues without overthinking it. That’s what I use it for. I generally do the shorter versions of this routine before I run, or the longer one afterwards. I plan on buying the rest of the mobility bundle when I can afford it. I also recommend this if you’re kind of an asshole, like myself, and often get annoyed with instructional videos.”

— Katharine S.

“I really enjoyed workout. It took me a bit of time to get used to the moves but the fact that you incorporate the movement + strength and stretching - GAME CHANGER!!”

— Fiona G.

“Have been doing this workout for a week every other day. I really like the stretches and mobility moves. I do find that at this time i can't make it to the end of the 40 min or 30min workouts. My wrists are not very strong to continue a downward dog and then pushups...this happens near the last 10mins of video. I am hoping with time my wrists will get stronger to be able to complete all the exercises. I feel my muscles sore wich is great. I sweat like crazy. My hope is to get back my muscle tone and mobility but also to lose my menobelly. 👍😁”

— Bonnie T.

“Hi Kaisa! I just wanted to let you know my appreciation for the originality of your workouts. Your formula of strength and mobility brings a breath of fresh air to the traditional training methods. I finish your workouts feeling like my joints are oiled up as well as muscular fatigue which is very satisfying. As an athlete with multiple little injuries, my body is grateful for the smoothness and intensity of your workouts. So thank you for your hard work and originality. To finish, I have to tell you that you are STUNNING! You look strong and healthy and it is inspiring. Take care of you xoxo”

— Samira Y.

“I just started the Instructional Mobility Strong. Loved it! I am a 54y-old martial artist - moving safely and efficiently is very important to me. The movement and flow really helped to loosen my joints, lengthen my muscles and connect the dots between different areas of the body. In doing it, I also discovered several sneaky tight areas that need attention! ;) This a great flow of movements that can stand alone to get your body moving efficiently. It can also be used restoratively after a big workout day. Thank you, Kaisa! :)”

— Davina M.

“I bought mobility strength as a single package. I loved it so much I bought the bundle. As a triathlete, mobility is a key factor in reducing my risk of injury. Love this program.”

— Michelle P.

“Exactly what I was looking for to help with overall mobility. I’m stiff from years of sitting at a computer. Mobility One is a great workout that isn’t too intense, and offers more than just a static stretch. It’s part of my daily routine now. Thanks Kaisa!”

— Jay P.

“Challenging but easy to follow! Love it so far ❤️”

— Bryn M.

“Kaisa you are inspiring and amazing! I just started back after a long , long break and this is just what I needed ! You know how to functionally move the body so well and a natural flow. I appreciate your enthusiasm and motivation. Thank you for giving me hope that I can get back on a healthy journey!”

— Helen C.

“Fantastic workout. Really enjoyed the flow and challenge this program offers. After years of competitive sport (rugby) in my 20s and 30s my body has been through a fair bit. Now in my 40s those earlier years are catching up to me so I need to change my game plan to look more at restorative workouts with strength. Love the format of this flow combining much needed mobility while gently strengthening, but you can ramp it up to make it more of a sweaty session. Love it, 5-stars 💪🏼 🙌🏼”

— Greg C.

“I am 41 year old competitive open water swimmer and 9 weeks into open heart surgery recovery. This is short, gentle, but challenging enough for my current state of healing. It is helping to restore some of my lost mobility and strength from 2 weeks in the hospital and 2 months of limited movement. My suggestions are when facing the audience, to mirror teach. To produce some longer sessions, maybe with some more repetitions or combinations. When doing some of the twists with the arm circles to note keeping the knees in line as you do well. Thank you! Kristin”

— Kristin G.

“I am not easily impressed with workout videos and I tend to stop using video workouts easily. With Kaisa Mobility Strength, I have set up a routine with this workout and I am following it. Only one week in and still using the instructional video, I already feel the difference in my joints. I work construction and need something to warm up my body to a day of hard work. For me, this workout is exactly what I need. I am excited to try the other videos in the bundle I purchased. Thanks for putting this regime together. My body thanks you!”

— Beth V.

“My body is grateful. I did not think I could find another instructor who would provide these types of subtle yet advanced movements that show quick results like Jillian Michaels. I am beyond pleased with this program. Thank you, Kaisa.”

— IC M.

“I love this program, I particularly appreciate the instructional version. It makes my muscles work hard and leaves my joints "smooth". Top top”

— Liliana D.

“I am really enjoying Kaisafit's Mobility Strength, the longer video with instructions are great! Easy to follow and I am sweaty when I am done with the workout.”

— Jackie I.

“Love the programme. I use it as part of my weekly training. Easy to follow and intense, you will sweat! Lovely yoga flow type moves.”

— Jessica B.

“I am loving this program. I have had lower back mobility issues for years due to my career and this program has already made me feel stronger with less pain and it’s only been a week!”

— Jada A.

“I’m 62 and I’ve been working out for quite a long time doing cardio and strength. Mobility/flexibility not so much. OK, almost never. My New Year’s resolutions have always been to do more yoga but I never did. I really like this mobility/strength. It’s really hard for me because I have such tight hips. I also have knee issues so I modify when I need to but I’m doing it!!I told myself that I would do it every day for 30 days to see what kind of results I would get. I am on day three!”

— Lynne S.

“Trying real hard but some of the moves are very challenging . Will keep going and see if I improve or can even do some of the moves in 3 months.”

— Jenny E.

“Really basic movement. I would have liked it to be more challenging for the price.”

— Meraai G.

“My hips and glutes need work and this delivers. I just can't do fast jump switch moves😀”

— Terry G.

“Luv the strength, at first it was a challenge and doing it everyday I've mastered it, Now its on to mobility core :) Thank you :) I luv the workouts so good job, happy I came across this.”

— Patricia C.

“New to this but have done Yoga before. Found I could not hold the bridge or the planK. So did cobra instead . Will work towards being more flexible”

— Catherine H.

“I am 48 and not very fit, strong or flexible. I have the mobility one and the mobility strength packages. For both packages there were one or two exercises that were difficult for me - and I am no athlete now 🙂 However, I found from the beginning I could do most of each class. At my own level of course. And I feel so much better after class! I have improved a lot over time too. I started mobility strength a week ago. I have done the 40 minute programme twice to learn the moves and the 10 minute programme twice as was short on time. I really like it and hope to build up to the 30 minute programme in a few months. Claire”

— Claire R.

“Absolutely love your routines. Flexible Strong Stamina All perfectly describe your moves. Love it !”

— Judi S.

“Love, love, love the workout. It has its challenges, but was not overly intimidating.”

— Dominique B.

“I am out of shape, overweight and suffer from chronic pain. This workout is amazing and is just enough to keep me limber throughout the day. I love it!”

— Sarah N.

“Love this mobility series!!!”

— Esther H.

“All the mobility programs have made a great difference in my body!! Difficult to chose one, but I always move towards increasing my strenght. I appreciate very much the construction of new programs to alternate the workouts. Thank You !!”

— Ana Paula O.

“Kaisa these workouts are amazing and so fun to do with you. It honestly feels like a personal training session with you. I have done the strength mobility 40 min slow workout on my off days and love the pace and how it makes me feel. I can feel my core getting stronger and every time I revisit the exercises with you I feel stronger and more mobile. These workouts are honestly wonderful!! Thank you.”

— Marisa E.

“I am 53 years old, with back and hip issues from scoliosis. I am often unsure of aggressive workout videos that I often cannot do or that worsen my pain. I just did the first one here and I really liked it! It started out mellow but doable, and had me sweating by the end. Some moves I can't do (yet) but I think if I keep it up I will get there. Very good program, and I'll check back in in a few days.”

— Colette M.

“I tried this one on my 50th birthday! I loved it & I woke up the next day with that sweet soreness knowing that I worked my body well! Did Mobility Core today & loved it. Looking forward to Mobility Cardio next! (You may have noticed that I'm following your calendar.) Peace, Kelly Flynn-Putiri”

— Kelly F.

“I am 63 and since the pandemic began in March, I have fallen off my regular exercise program as my gym and yoga studio closed. Thank you for this challenging class! I am a long way from doing the 30 minute program, but in just 2 weeks I have noticed big gains in strength, flexibility, coordination and balance. And I am sleeping deeper, longer and without interruption. What a gift! Thank you!!!”

— Emily E.

“I’m 50 years old and I wasn’t able to do everything due to the 3 forms of arthritis I possess, but I do believe in time, I will go from being able to only do 80% of the moves to being able to do all. I was only able to do one day this week, but this is the beginning let’s see how things go in the future.”

— Rose R.

“Have done the instructional video 3 times, and might just move on to the ‘regular’ 30 minute one now. But oh my is it good! It feels like a combination of advanced vinyasa yoga + stretching and it totally gets you sweating. You feel strong and supple afterwards. I love it so much!”

— Marene A.

“I love this workout, and it's perfect for when your cooped up inside! The only thing I would like is if Kaisa would call out her movements more: left, right that sort of thing, even if it's repetitive. It would have helped me jump right in a little faster, so I would know what to do without needing to look at the video from an awkward position.”

— Olivia A.

“The mobility workout is great but it’s basically one workout and then smaller versions. Given all the free stuff that’s available on kaiafit’s Instagram, I thought that there would be more workouts.”

— Sarah H.

“Have only been doing the 10 minute video .. I love, love it !! I am a group trainer and this tiny video is teaching me a lot of different stretches that I have not done .. and definitely need. Thank you !❤️”

— Beatriz C.

“I've never been a particularly sporty person and to boot I work in a mainly sedentary job. After several years of lateral hip pain, I had an acute hip injury last year due to chronic weakness in my gluteus medius. I was able to improve both the injury and the chronic weakness/pain aspect with input from a physiotherapist, but I was struggling to find a suitable "no equipment" workout I could do at home to follow on from my physio exercises. Kaisa's Mobility classes (I own "One", "Strength" and "Core") are a perfect fit for my requirements, and while I found them quite hard going (read: sweating, wobbling mess at the end every time I did them) at the start, I am now seeing a gradual improvement in strength and mobility and am motivated to continue using the classes several times a week. I may even move on from instructional to flow one of these days, you never now! ;)”

— Ursula A.

“I have been afraid to do any workouts, after having life long lower back problems. Between 2 back surgeries and being diagnosed with degenerative disc disease, the fear of hurting my back has hindered me for years. I finally decided to try this program and am amazed at how much better I feel. I get a great workout, I feel more relaxed afterwards, and I literally feel zero pain in my back afterwards. I am loving this program. Thank you!”

— Naomi B.

“So so good and do-able. This is such a great mobility and strength fusion. I really enjoyed it! I am 44 years old and a long time sport-fitness trainer. As I have gotten older, I really have started to change my trainings to protect my joints, encourage full range of motion and develop strength. This was a great find! Bravo!”

— Magan P.

“Hello Wacheya, My very first time with the instructional workout and I love it! It got my whole body moving, sweating and it was wonderful! As a 36 year old stay at home, homeschooling mom it is exactly what I was looking for. I’m very happy and looking forward to your other workout videos! Thank you Meegwetch! Hannah N.”

— Hannah N.

“Great company, cares about customer satisfaction.”

— Sharon F.

“This is a good, challenging workout! I am surprised at how much it got me sweating! I am committed to really getting this work out down. Be patient with your self and the moves. It will take a little time to get them. But it’s worth it.”

— Jathiya A.

“Thank you Kaisa for these amazing routines! I'm finally getting stronger and more flexible. Those little pains in de lower back and knees, finally seem to lessen. I can't wait to see more of your workouts :) You explain every steps so smoothly and easy to follow. Love it!”

— Kassandra T.

“I love this workout! I normally don't like videos as a substitute for live classes, but Kaisa is the exception. I have noticed an almost immediate improvement in my lower back and hips which helps me stick with doing the flow video a few times per week. As a former can can dancer I was used to having a lot of length in my hamstrings, but too much desk work was starting to erode that, and mobility strength is helping me get it back.”

— Sara M.

“I’ve been following this workout for the past week or so. My 50th birthday is getting closer and this is the year I’ve promised to myself that I make some important improvements. I have been finding after your workouts I feel more relaxed, stronger and I also sleep better. I love that bit of relaxing almost meditating at the end! I’m looking forward to trying your other programs too. You make it easy to follow along and learn the steps. Thanks so much!”

— Sam P.

“This is amazing! I am Deaf. All workouts are subtitled and some videos has ASL added in it. Kaisafit is the only one that do it! Very few excerise programs has subtitles and none has ASL added in the videos. I was so surprised when I found out about the ASL videos. Thank you so much!”

— Alissa O.

“I love that this program has an instructional option to learn the moves before moving on to the flow/faster versions, so you can master technique first and the risk of injury is minimised. I’ve had this program for a week now and have completed it twice - along with other workouts and Kaisa programs - and I feel stronger and more mobile already!”

— Mel F.

“This past week I've used the mobility program around 5am everyday, all I can saw is "🗣 Ouch". I'm carry muscle pretty well, love to lift and hate to stretch. After multiple surgeries (both Achilles, knee etc) I felt that this might be a good time to work on mobility, I know I'm very hard headed. I'm excited to see how much better my body feels in the future by keeping this routine up. Thanks so much ‐ TSgt Luckey USAF”

— Jarrad L.

“Really glad I purchased this video! Feels like my whole body is worked and the 40 minutes feels more like 20. It is challenging (some of the moves pick up the speed a bit) but still doable for someone who isn't as athletic. After a few sessions I almost feel taller as I am more limber and my back is more straight. Still need to do the instructional video a few times before I attempt the flow! As a tattoo artist I often work long hours in positions that may not be so ergonomic, so this video will be on high rotation in my exercise routine going forward!”

— Angela M.

“I Love this workout! It was as if I took my respective yoga practice and turned it up by 10!!!! I am able to have more movement in my joints, and flexibility. Only thing, I can't do the Jump to switch, yet.”

— Jacquin F.

“I really like this workout. I've been doing yoga for about 4 years now and felt like I needed more of a challenge. Plus, I have gained weight over the quarantine (and just slowly over the years - I'm 40) and I needed something to help get back in shape. I've been doing this about a month now, and I definitely feel a lot stronger. I have noticed when I do yoga, some of the moves I had trouble with before or couldn't do are much easier now. A few things I didn't like about this workout: it seems inconsistent. Some of the things I can do easy and some moves I can't do at all, and there doesn't seem to be many modifications for most of them. It's also not something where you can do it in levels, if there's something I can't do I just have to skip it and work my way up to it. Another thing I didn't like was the length of the sessions. I usually prefer to do 20 or 30 min most days. So the hour is too much most of the time and the 10 min is not enough. I would like to see more 20-30 min sessions. There is also some inconsistency as far as the quality of the video & the audio was not very good. Overall I like the workout, it's definitely challenging and I notice I am making progress & getting stronger.”

— Christina N.

“Really enjoying this flow. Loving the creativity of the movements great for warm up and cool down.”

— Tyler S.

“I run 3-4 times a week and though I love it, I started feeling a lot of muscle tightness and soreness. I thought mobility strength would provide much need stretching while still being a solid workout. It is that and more. I felt so good after just my first session. I even had less soreness after running. I love that it's also a pretty tough workout. I'm drenched by the end. The moves are challenging and Kaisa is such a good motivational trainer.”

— Courtney R.

“Kaisa is literally the best thing to happen to me during quarantine. These workouts are great for people with small spaces/apartments and miss the gym. I'm totally in love.”

— Ezra R.

“I started with the 10 minute workout and it exposed how tight my hamstrings are 😅😅..I will ease into it...”

— Modiri S.

“I have used this program every day since I purchased it and I recommend it highly. It is easy to follow, challenging and you need very little space to participate.”

— Leesa J.

“It was an amazing workout. I’ve done the 10 mins ones twice. I wish there where. 20 min workout because I don’t think I can do a 30 min yet. But It is a great work out for just 10 mins.”


“As usual, incredible way to move with Kaisa. I really liked it, although I do like moving fast and intensive, this program is a great way to have something different but still so interesting. And it's a great way to slow down after more intensive workout, or to practice it in one of the hot summer days when jumping is not what you may need. I also have Mobility Core and they are both just perfect . Thank you Kaisa!”

— Yana M.

“Ime a fitness freak. But I don't always find the motivation to work on my mobility. I was skeptical about purchasing this program because I do have a fairly solid exercise background; I'm very glad that I bought this routine. Its a bit different than I expected, although of the movements focus on the Gluteus minimis and medium pertaining to hip range of motion. This is super important, especially if you lift. However, this particular program kind of neglects core strength, which is even more important in my opinion. I know there is a core mobility program, and I will end up purchasing that, but for the price of the program, and it being advertised as a total body strength, I was disappointed at the lake of core work incorporated into the program. (aside from planks and some single leg V Crunches) this being said, I absolutely love the routine and the variations offered. Its a nice change and just what I need on my active recovery days when I have a bit more energy and want more than a yoga flow.”

— Brianna c.

“I am so thankful for this workout. I've done it just about every day for three weeks and the changes in my experience of my body are profound. My plantar fasciitis is gone, my back no longer hurts, and I feel stronger than I ever have. Best of all, I feel like I wear my body differently, that I am more comfortable, confident, and proud of what I can do. I've worked out regularly for years and nothing has felt this amazing and challenging. Every workout has sweat just pouring out of me. Thank you so much Kaisa, I look forward to doing your workouts every day and I look forward to your future products!”

— Laura S.

“It is definitely challenging I will be on the instructional video for a while before moving to flow but I'm excited to keep at it a few times a week and see my progress its challenge I'm ready to see improvement with. Some moves I couldn't do so I modified a bit for my comfort level and have learned my body is tight haha especially in my legs and hips so this is perfect. Cant wait to see my progress in a few weeks!”

— Jessie H.

“I love Kaisa's workouts! I'm still working at getting my flexibility back so a few of the moves I need to modify, but I thoroughly enjoy the workouts and it's been a life saver now that I can't get to the gym. Even when I can get back, I'm still going to incorporate Kaisa's workouts into my routine as they add a level to my fitness I can't get by lifting alone.”

— Kelly B.

“Love it! Still working on being able to get through the moves b/c of stiff hips, but WOW.... huge improvement on my movement already. thank you!”

— Daniela J.

“This is exactly what I’m looking to add to my home workout routine! A lovely active stretch to work up some sweat and keep you flexible.”

— Erin D.

“I am super flexible and strength is an issue for me. This workout gives me a way to build strength, but stay in my favorite kind of workout. Love it!”

— Sandra C.

“Sweating my my, loving it”

— Tinashe L.

“I've been struggling with feeling tight on my runs and workouts, and this program is kind of a godsend. Since I am unable to access the gym or pool, running is my only choice for cardio right now. Its also been too hot here to run after 8am, so early morning runs is all I have. My legs always feel like sandbags that early in the morning, but I've been using the "mini" workout as a warm-up and I can't believe the difference! I've only done the main workout once, and I think I discovered some new muscles...haha. I'm looking forward to seeing improvements in my flexibility and strength!”

— Sandy H.

“I love it and I have completed it three time this week. It has really helped with my tight hips and I really feel good afterwards.”

— Daphyne W.

“This program is so thoughtful. I am a personal trainer myself and I have found these workouts to be very enlightening for me and for my clients! I love learning from you and bringing your enthusiasm to my work. I get so much out of every workout in the moment and for days after as I study the move sets and watch the mobility of my body and my clients' bodies grow.”

— Benjamin K.

“I freaking love this program! It definitely works ya and stretches ya. I feel in total control of my body. I appreciate the encouraging tones and suggested modifications, if needed. You can be a newbie and still benefit. I've also learned that my hips are tight and rigid. I'd love a program that focuses on loosening the hips. So much fun! I've been doing this 2-3 days on, 1 off.”

— KrystiAna D.

“Just wanted to send a big Thank You, I am in my late 50s, started to work out just 1 ½ years ago as with age and heart medication I got stiffer and stiffer. As my gym closed due to covid, I kept running and doing yoga. But a certain stiffness didn't go away. Then I saw your programs, had a few trial Sunday mornings stretch, bought my first program and omg I can get back into a cross leg seating position, hasn't happened for ages, maybe lotus in a couple of months. So thank you. An old crone from Australia”

— Via v.

“I really love the workout! I made the switch to Flow after one session but I'll be going back to the instructional version for a while longer, haha. My only bit of feedback about the Strength series is that I wish there was a bit more focus on arm strength. That being said, the shoulder opening work is amazing, especially the bridges.”

— Sally W.

“After years of strength training as a rock climber then a trapeze artist then a CrossFit junkie all while I was running marathons and ultras... my body broke. 3 years ago I had my first knee surgery then shoulder rehab then compete and utter frustration with my body. I gave up. Everything hurt and I sat around for 2 years and gained 25 lbs. This program is incredible. I've practiced with my friend for a few weeks and recently purchased the videos for myself. I'm running again, without major joint pain! I even have a half marathon planned for the fall! I can almost do pull-ups again without my shoulder dislocating and over all, my posture is great, my back feels good and mentally I feel great! I hope someday I can meet Kaisa in person to say, "Thank you" for giving me my life back.”

— Anna T.

“After several years of trying to heal a nagging IT band injury I am finally seeing real improvements after this workout. Excellent hip opening and strengthening and a great overall workout that left me feeling energized and worked at the same time!”

— Heidi B.

“I first became aware of Kaisa via my IG feed, then listening to her podcast. I love her message of body acceptance, self care, injury healing and prevention, mobility. I did a few of her IGTV videos and I was sold! The Mobility Strength is challenging, but accessible, and even when I only have time (or energy) to do the 10-minute version, I am in a better mood for the rest of the day. Kaisa is motivating but not in a Pollyana way, which I totally connect with. As a 52-year-old former athlete who did a LOT of damage to my body when I was younger, Kaisa's approach makes me feel like I've still got some athleticism left in me! So many thanks!!”

— Paula Jean H.

“Definitely not as easy as it seems. However its a different style of workout and highly beneficial if done consistently.”

— James J.

“THANK YOU SO MUCH for providing closed captions and an ASL interpreter!”

— Charlotte M.

“Very impressed with your innovation and clear descriptions many thanks fir making my life as a Pt that but easier”

— Norman B.

“I LOVE this approach. Did 4 or 5 sessions this week. I love being called "team". Not sure why but it feels awesome. I love that Kaisa is always smiling and everything just feels playful and productive. I'm a fan :)”

— Kate M.

“Mobility aspect is great, your Mobility programs always are. Not very demanding from a strength standpoint however.”

— Kevin F.

“Did the 40-minute video to learn the moves and sequences. I simply LOVE that this is pretty easily adaptable to not kill my knees or aggravate my Sitz area. I had to give up yoga b/c of those things. My plan is to practice, practice, practice, and adapt so I can be more flexible in my 50's than I ever was in my 30's and 40's.”

— Aurora W.

“LOVE this. I get so bored with exercise for exercise' sake, but the compound movements + flow makes 40 minutes feel like it lasts 10. But I'm sweating my ass off by the end, and am KEEN to do it all over again. Perfect for people with PCOS looking to build muscle without massively raising cortisol levels.”

— Annette B.

“It's a great workout to do everyday! Well explained and easy to do, I highly recommend it!”

— Silvia G.

“I absolutely Loooove Mobility Strength! This is an excellent workout alone, as well in addition to my heavy weight strength training... my husband doesn’t do workout videos at all... and he is trying Mobility Strength! Thank you for the challenging programs, can’t wait to purchase others!”

— LaToya G.

“Last October, I was told that I won't be walking at 60...I was 44. They told me that surgery most likely will not help, pain relief shots will not help and that I have a chronic, degenerative condition that will only get worse. At the time, they gave me a list of things that I could do to lessen the impact and constant pain and to give me hope that I may have some sort of mobility past 60. Part of the list was to lose weight and build my core. I set out on a mission to prove them wrong...that I will walk past 60. So after 3 months of physical therapy, I built-up my ability to work-out. I joined classes, and built up my strength to walk 5 miles a day while working on my core. Covid hit and as everyone knows, the gyms and classes closed. That is when I came across Kaisa and her Mobility Strength videos. Every single movement looked like something that would feel great to my back. The movements would help me with my flexibility and overall strength, so I purchased the videos. I'm always cautious with new exercises as they can inadvertently throw my back out which would result in several chiropractors visits. Not this. Not the movements in these videos. I have done the instructional segment 4 times so far and have already noticed improvements in my flexibility and ability to complete the movements. Overall, I was right...the movements and stretches feel absolutely wonderful to my back and has in two cases, saved me a chiropractor visit as my back stretched and aligned itself during the exercise! I haven't quite mastered the movements yet so I haven't moved on to the next video but I'm close. I would truly recommend these videos to anyone...even if you have lower back issues. I'm now looking at the core videos as well! P.S. I was able to get my husband to join me in the 10-minute video which was a wonderful, short stretch that felt great.”

— Ruth P.

“I like the variety. Focusing on strength and mobility, versus weight loss. Strengthening your body the way it is.”

— Kendy S.

“A challenging programme that really gets me sweating. I like the 30 minute session and am finding it is helping to stretch and loosen my muscles.”

— Melissa F.

“I love her workout flows. But like a few others said, for actually one workout video, it's a lot of money. For not fit people, it's really hard with no options, that you can do instead. With pictures to build your own flow would be perfect, too. It's the same for mobility one. Only one video for a lot of money. But perfect instructor, but the videos are made for fit people. That doesn't stand anywhere.”

— Laura M.

“I wanted something to ease myself back into a more intense workout regimen. I feel better already. No more snap crackle and pop doing basic movements. I feel more physically balanced and sure footed. I wasn't expecting to sweat but I did. Really effective for both mobility and strength. Clear instruction and easy to follow. Thanks!”

— Shalita H.

“great strength workout after my workout or on my day off! Good stretch for my lower back!”

— susana a.

“Great workout! If you are new to the moves be sure to watch the 'instructional' version first. Everyone should be working out this way; combining strength work with mobility workout. I would love some mobility workouts combined with dumbbells or kettle bells too! Maybe a mobility/kettle bell flow???”

— April U.

“I wasn't able to keep up with a fitness program while my two daughters were remote learning. Now that they're off for the summer I wanted to get back into a routine, but I knew I wasn't ready to start where I had left off. Mobility Strength is perfect for me right now - I can be gentle with myself while still challenging my strength and flexibility. After three sessions I already feel more comfortable in my body!”

— Jennifer D.

“Absolutely love the programs. I can't believe it took me so long to purchase a program. I have been following Kaisafit for many years and loved doing her workouts from Instagram. I am a professional athlete and definetly overlooked the mobility sessions and prioritized the 'harder' sessions in its place. With the different lengths of programs they have been great to add in before a session or as a whole session. Highly recommend!”

— Hollie N.

“I love it. Having a great sweat and challenge at the same time. One of the best workout weather 10 minutes or 40 minutes. Cynthia”

— Cynthia S.

“Thank you for your infectious energy, Kaisa! Loving your workshops! Haven't had a chance to do it every day, but manage when I can. I am a fairly active 50 yr old with a number of chronic injuries (shoulder, plantar fasciitis, some hip tension, etc.) so these are just the perfect level of intensity and flexibility for me. Om Shanti!”

— Stephanie S.

“Really good workout. I always finish the session feeling like every part of me has been put to the test. My back pain has noticeably lessened after a week of doing Mobility Strength every other day. I have now purchased Mobility Core and look forward to alternating the two. I really like Kaisa's method of instruction and I find her voice and tone motivating and genuine.”

— Patricia d.

“New to this type of workout but wanted something different and it has paid off. Struggled at first getting my body used to the positions and flow but the longer instructional video gave me the time to get my body ready for the 30 minute video. I could feel a difference immediately and each session gets a little easier with better form and further stretch. Feels amazing. Love it.”

— Linda G.

“I love the new Mobility Core program. I am a 64 year old male and the program hits all the areas I need to address. I also appreciate the encouragement throughout the workout - nicely done!”

— Tom B.

“These workouts have changed my life! I have always thought I had to work my body to the bone but that's not the case! Thank you for these great workouts!”

— shannon b.

“I love all your programs Kaisa. I’m your fannnnn!!! Sandra”

— Sandra C.

“Just what my body needed. I train hard but tend to neglect my body by not stretching. My shoulders are tight but these moves will definitely help me restore my mobility. Love this & glad to have discovered Kaisa😃😃😃”

— Gladys P.

“I worked in the fitness industry for about 10 years and have never come across something that is so completely balanced and accessible to almost everyone! I now work long hours in health care and my body has been seizing up slowly over the last few years regardless of what I have been doing. These mobility workouts have opened my joints up, improved my functional mobility and decreased my back pain in less than a month of consistent use. I am beyond happy to have found them, my coworkers may be sick of hearing about them however!!! hahaha”

— Csandra C.

“A great work out! I am so impressed with this I am going to purchase some more and make these workouts the base of my fitness program.”

— Sarah C.

“I wanted a routine that I could do and wouldn't be hard on my joints or have me moving around like a chicken with my head cut off. I love that I can do the exercises and even go at my own pace. Honestly, it is hard for me because I am so out of shape, but I'm determined to stick with it and know that if I do it will pay off. I also must say that after the first workout I could feel a change in the movement of my shoulder (bursitis). For that alone, it has been worth it.”

— Tina M.

“I just did 20 minutes of the 40 minute instructional video and I want to say thank you! I am (very) plus size, so a lot of workout videos don't work for me and I just wind up feeling more disappointed in myself for what my body *can't* do. After only 20 minutes I felt more range of motion than I have in years. I'm going to be adding 5 minutes to my workout every day until I can do the full 40 minutes. Thank you again!”

— Naomi P.

“Kaisa is a genius! I train three days a week and Tues., Thurs., Sat., I do her mobility strength. I’ve been doing it for about two weeks now and it feel rejuvenated and a lot less sore to train on the other days. I also do her ten minute video to warm up before I work out. You watched all the review videos before purchasing and I can be a second witness that your body does move better after training with Kaisa. Thanks girl!! You the real MVP.”

— Daniela A.

“I’ve completed all three Sessions in my first week. Loved them all. I like the pace of the sessions and I enjoy both the strength and flexibility focus. I’m a runner so I think it will really enhance my training. I also love your motivational style, you make it feel like I’m part of a team! Carol from Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿”

— Carol R.

“I absolutely love your videos. Your energy is infectious. I love how you combine multiple movements that “Flow” together. As a former dancer, this really speaks to me. Thank you for your encouragement and drive to bring your movement philosophy to the world.!”

— Laura C.

“I’ve only used the 10 min video as a warm up. At first I thought, you were going fast through the movement’s. Then I tried the 40 min instructional & was like ooohhh. I did not complete the 40 min as I ran out of time but I know I am going to love it. I love the 10 min as a warm up.”

— Marina M.

“Got up at 4AM and moving at 5AM! Thankfully, the first workout with KaisaFit revealed how much value is offered with a variety of workout products and services. I want to keep going!”

— Lisa H.

“Purchased a week ago, but only just got round to doing my 1st instructional workout. What can I say apart from WOW! I don’t think I’ve sweat so much from any workout I’ve done before and although I’m knackered, I feel great! Thanks Kaisafit x”

— Lucy M.

“This is exactly the challenge I need. It is my goal to master this and make it look as good as Kaisa does. I’m so glad I made this purchase ❤️”

— Krista B.

“Really great class for feeling strong while working on flexibility. I felt well aligned and energized after this and I can see doing it weekly or integrating some exercises into my own routines.”

— Tania C.

“Absolutely love this routine! It’s so thorough, reveals where you are tight and where you are weak. Already after the first session I got a good understanding of what kind of imbalances I have between right/left and front/back. Hopefully will see an improvement now that I have incorporated this routine into my weekly workout plan.”

— Heidi H.

“The video was good! I enjoy it the sequence but I thought there was a variety of videos por that price so for me $30 for one class it’s to expensive. You’re a god instructor tough. Hope you get a more approachable program sometime.”

— Sandra N.

“This is a MUST HAVE to add into your routine! Mobility Strength is exactly what we are all missing, no matter what type of exercise regimen we partake in. Kaisa provides you with easy to follow instructions, modifications and challenges, along with a positive energy that is contagious. So fun and different! Can’t wait to practice more and keep improving.”

— Amy W.

“It got me warmed up and ready to go, But your 20/20 Saturday challenge that got me, ha ha ha it was so f****ing Great , loved it. What would you advise for a good around Strength workout at home (due to the times of today).”

— Winston S.

“This has been a nice workout to add to my routine- the right balance of challenging and invigorating. I have enjoyed it. Thank you!”

— Kathleen O.

“I am really liking this workout. Definitely building strength and range of motion. I am 65 and have been athletic my whole life. However the last 4 or 5 years, I didn't do much. This is helping me get strength back while I work back into running. The only complaint that I have is that the presenter goes through some of the movements too quickly, even on the 40 min instructional video. She also needs to say ahead of time what movement is coming up, rather than saying it as she starts the movement.”

— Carol M.

“So far so good. Pushing a very tight and inflexible body here, but Kaisa makes it fun and rewarding. I look forward to doing this program multiple times a week.”

— Stephen D.

“I love it!”

— Federica S.

“First time using the routine. I liked it but like a previous reviewer said, I think you have to be fit already. There are no "low impact" options for those who lack the flexibility already needed for this routine. It was impossible to do the low sumo squat and the exercises using it because I couldn't do the sumo squat. Otherwise, the routine was nice. I will leave another review once I improve.”

— Liza M.

“I love this Mobility Strength workout. I am 50 years old and have neck, shoulder and back injuries from a car accident. This program is really helping me get moving again and reducing pain. My lower back and hips were so tight and this is helping so much! I sleep so much more comfortably since I began this a week ago. Thank you Kaisa for creating this workout. It’s giving me my life back!”

— Jean N.

“I have usual aches and tightness in my back and hips from intense training while my boyfriend has super bad hips and a tight back from strenuous 10-12 hour lawn care work days. We woke up this morning stretching, then I remembered I had bought this mobility program.. and I convinced him to do it. Let me just say: IT IS AMAZING. We just did the 10 minute program and he just said all of his back pain from this morning was gone. I feel a lot better as well! I can't wait to see how progress goes when I incorporate this a few times a week. Thank you Kaisa, the movements and overall flow were brilliant! Definitely worth it!”

— Samantha Q.

“I have an IT Band issue that flares up even when I walk. I used to run, play basketball, soccer and softball and now I can’t even walk without a flare up. My PT thinks it’s from a weak butt and poor flexibility. I’m 56 years old and was getting depressed with the inability to move like I used to. I wanted to find something I can do that will feel good where I can sweat. I searched the web and found Kaisafitness. I bought the Mobility Strength and so far I’m loving it! I sweat and I feel a release from tight muscles. I like how this workout opens my hips. I can’t wait to do more of Kaisafits workouts!”

— Susan W.

“I had hoped that these videos would help loosen me up and keep me injury free since I am training for ultramarathons. Unfortunately, as a runner I am very tight and am unable to do most of the movements and there are not alternatives or adjustments in case you cannot perform a move. For example- I cannot do a deep squat. My calves just do not allow it. In the video she says to ensure your heels are on the ground in a deep squat. Well- I can't do that so I just do what I can and hope I am getting some benefit. I think these videos are great if you are fit and active and flexible to start. These are not for people who are not flexible already. Just my opinion.”

— Lori C.

“Great. I did my first attempt being very stiff from working 10 hours a day cutting wood, carrying wood, moving rock and painting. I am getting better. It is an awesome workout.”

— Owen M.

“I like the program and you would get a higher rating if you stop using the word "team" so much. Less talk would be better because the constant chatter just gets annoying.”

— Catherine A.

“Kaisa is easy to listen to and describes the position well. I am only one week into the program, and have managed to get 3 days of workouts completed. Each one is progressively easier to master and as I begin to nail to position, I have begun to feel the difference in my strength and mobility. Go figure :)”

— Maggie T.

“I have completed my first week with my Kaisa program and I need to say that I have had more progress with this program than any yoga and stretch routine. I started Kai's program and I couldn't touch the floor. My back was super tight and I was in alot of pain throughout my body. Then during my 3rd session I noticed I could touch my toes and my back pain had lessened massively!! I love doing them straight out of bed in the morning, it gets me going for the day! My job is physical, where I come from I'm a postie delivering mail and parcels within a time frame. This past week I have finished my delivery runs and gone out to help others all because of this program! I feel relaxed in my posture, my body has less aches and as I continue It'll only get better. I'm so glad Kai put this together because it's changed my body and mind for the better! Thank you so much Kai!”

— Stacey R.

“I love this program! It's funny and it makes you feel great”

— valentina b.

“The 30 minute flow workout has been absolutely brilliant 👌It’s ticks all the boxes for strength, flexibility and flow. Thank you 🙏”

— TC S.

“The Mobility Strength video has been 100% worth the investment. I have a lower back & hip problem which causes stiffness but this session really loosens me up! I love having the short 10 minute version which I now do every morning, So handy and sets me up for the day. The long version I do when I can and wow it makes me sweat without realising I’m working hard! Pure genius. Love it. Would REALLY love another routine to mix it up when doing this so regularly. Thanks x”

— Elisa L.

“Probably the best. I learned it in 3 parts. I use it in my routine. It is fantastic and really works my mobility and flexibility. I have already recommended to friends. Thank you”

— Nesakumar D.

“I’ve been looking for a program like this for so long! The routine is so dynamic and well paced. I’m definitely still getting my “sea legs” but I can already feel myself improving and getting more fluid and controlled.”

— Olivia A.

“Hi!! I just want to say thanks for creating the mobility strength videos. I haven't been moving that much lately and I've put on a lot of weight. My joints are stiff and tight and just haven't been overly comfortable with myself or how my body is feeling. These videos (I'm still on the 45 min one) are great and I can see myself really incorporating them into my daily life. I really enjoy doing them before bed and as a way to wind down after a busy day. The movements are easy to adjust and aren't hard on my knees which I was worried about. I definitely get a bit of a sweat on! So thank you!! I'm looking forward to trying more of your workouts!”

— Jo J.

“I'm very much enjoying your program, I have tried all three mostly because of time constraints. So the 10-minute and the 30-minute is a little fast for me cuz I'm still learning the moves but the 40 minutes is just too much time for me to find in one lump sum. What I did do was I had taken the 40 minutes and broken it up into two sessions, then I did the 10-minute one another day and I did the 30-minute one today but actually only had about 23 minutes to do the work so I didn't even finish that. But I feel pretty good I'm liking it, I'm 58 used to be very fit but have not really worked out significantly hard in probably 8 years. So this just feel good and it has got me motivated to do this and or something everyday.”

— Dawn N.

“OMG! Thank you so much . I used to dance but stopped maybe 20 years ago. I have remained active, swimming, yoga, work outs but not consistently. I work in a job that is pretty physical so I didn't worry about it too much. Now in my 50's I find I am so frustrated with what my body will and won't do. I know I need to do more than yoga , but when I tried jumping rope or super long walks I would sometimes hurt myself. I especially noticed my hips were tight. Your program fits my needs perfectly. Iam not pushing too hard yet ( only doing sets of 4 when six or eight is too much) but I know I will get there in just a few weeks. Thank you so much for the fast and slow versions... you have made my day.”

— Rosalyn M.

“Great workout. I am a group fitness Instructor, and my body gets overworked a lot. I like to do this work out before I teach. It makes me feel warmed up, and ready for action. I also enjoy the creativity, and the energy throughout the work out. It has inspired me to better design my classes with more mobility 💓”

— Nickie C.

“My second workout with the slowed down version, and I already feel the results..more flexibility, greater ease of movement, less aches and stiffness in my daily activities..I love this program. Its just what I needed to help maintain mobility as I get older.. One of the thing that makes us look and feel old! Great program!”

— Jeannielle R.

“Super awesome program. You are amazing and motivating !!!!”

— Leah A.

“Really love the workout and have found it making my "work from home" body feel far more relaxed sitting back in the office chair. I only wish there was also a 20min video, or at least something in between the 10 and 40min videos to really get choice based on time available for a good mobility check in the day. Otherwise, the overall vibe of the videos are great. No yelling at you, no over hyped instructions, or weird actors in place. Just clear steps and simple setup. Cheers.”

— David R.

“Finally something I can stick to that is simple and deeply beneficial. 10 mins in seems like only 5 mins has passed and I like the three simple videos that makes deciding what to do each day easier. Kaisa is a wonderful coach and I like working out with her. Thanks for providing such wonderful simple workouts.”

— Angel M.

“I’ve been doing rather intense HIIT workouts for the past year and a half but my doctor recommended I scale back a bit on intensity as I’m seeing some issues crop up. I started yoga, and I still do it on occasion l, but it doesn’t have enough of the strength training I worked like. I saw an advertisement for this program and decided to give it a whirl. It will get your heart rate up and the sweat flowing, but it’s flowing movement and stretching. It’s perfect for what I was looking for!”

— Sarah B.

“I loved it. I need to work on my form but that will become better with time. I can feel the benefits already.”

— Gail C.

“I feel stronger and more flexible 🤗”

— Karen W.

“I was excited to get started right away. It seemed to be the perfect combination in the advertising but unfortunately it’s not as involved as I was hoping for at this price. I do have a background in dance and yoga so my expectations might be higher than most. The 3 videos aren’t 3 different full work outs. They include instructions, the actual sequences and then a 10min quicker version of the sequence. Sorry but I am underwhelmed.”

— Kristen S.

“i am a once and future dancer, age 49 (stubbornly trying to find my way back after a serious injury 3 1/2 years ago). the mobility side of this workout feels so wonderful that it motivates me to get better at the strength stuff i so need to regain! thanks Kaisa, for knowing your kinesiology and correct form, for your gentle chill teaching style, and for being inspiringly beautiful while looking nothing whatsoever like a "fitness barbie."”

— Barbara A.

“Omg, at 53 years of age, this is a kick butt program—I’m struggling with the shortest program! Must be because I’m weak and need more movement. I hope I stick with it long enough to get strong enough to do it. I though it might have more levels. Be careful if you’re more than 39!”

— Kelly M.

“Kaisa, I am giving this a 5 star because I love your work. Period. Mobility Strength moves a little too fast for me, so I prefer the pace more in Mobility One. I understand it's a flow but when you're 62 like me, the mobility flow seems to go better slower! I was trying to keep up with you and pulled a muscle in my upper back on one of the easiest moves. lol. How is that possible? Aging is an interesting thing! Always love your programs Kaisa.”

— Kibby D.

“This is an excellent workout for improving stability, stamina, and mobility (flexibility) without any equipment or complicated routines. The pace is a bit quick, so it might be helpful to have an intermediate practice video to segue between instructional and advanced. In that same vein, other programs that I use have instructors who remind and direct "team" members to watch their form, be careful not to over do things if they feel anything hurt or lose strength. There are several sets that could really hurt someone, for example: leg up and open to side with sweeps could cause a pretty serious injury who doesn't have the strength or mobility for it yet. If you're experienced with yoga, HIIT, or any other training/exercise program those are things you've probably already learned to do, but beginners need more guidance. Other than these items I found the flow to be challenging but not punishing, and the instructor was very motivating. She is also VERY petite and I had to relocate to another room almost immediately when I realized she is a muscular pixie hovering at the 5'2" - 5'4" mark and I'm a 5'11" giraffe-like creature ;oD I recommend that beginners without a lot of control move to a larger area as well to allow some extra room to move in case they lose their balance.”

— Jennifer C.

“I just did my first workout and after two years of crazy (occasionally debilitating) lower back problems, I can actually stand up straight and walk with no pain! I don't know how long it will last since I just finished the workout five minutes ago, but if it lasts 12 hours, I would gladly do this twice a day to keep that up! It's nice to feel like I can move again :-) A couple of these (like the low side lunges) were a bit much for my current knee crackles, but I could easily modify them to get the same movement without the same strain. YAY!”

— Lauren C.

“I just did my first Mobility Strength workout. I was a bit scared .. it looked hard, however I got through it and only struggled with the first lot of bridges. I think my shoulders are a bit stiff, if I shifted my hand position it helped though. I did find it challenging which is great, nothing worse than getting a workout that is easy (nothing to work towards). This program is a great addition to Mobility One! Thank you again Kaisa :-)”

— Gary S.

“love it, its so good, i would love a 15 min and 20 min option too!! I have been jumping iinto the 10 min video and really like it, any chance to get 2 10 min options?”

— Katelyn N.

“Kaisa has done it again. I have been a big fan of the mobility one program, and was super excited to try this. It's quite the workout, but what I'm loving is the fusion of strength and flexibility. I have to admit, this is hard for me (especially in the flexibility department), but I cannot believe how great I felt even after the very first time I tried this workout. I know if I do this a few times a week, my flexibility will certainly improve!!!”

— Alison W.

“Terrific program! Feels like a good, deep massage, with strength and balance mixed in. The moves are innovative and fun. I do the 30-minute version before doing my daily 20/20 circuit training.”

— Hadar A.

“I am seriously overweight as a 53 year old but what I truly miss is being strong. Fit, yes I want to be fit but what I really want is my strength back. I really love this video. I’m moving at my own pace and adapting where it’s too challenging but I can really feel how this is going to make me strong again.”

— Jennifer P.

“So far so great! If you are 35 years or older there is no workout on that market that will make you feel as good as this one. Thank you so much for the amazing creation Kaisa team. I needed this! Signed - Your super inflexible new fan”

— Anika W.

“Excellent workout, challenging but enjoyable.”

— Lisa A.

“I actually love it. Hope to see new workouts in the future. I get hip pain from commuting and doing ultrasounds and leaning/tightening one set of muscle groups all day. So these workouts really help my hips so much, feel great when it’s over”

— Lea N.

“I am in love with her workouts and mobility! I am just getting back into working out again after yet another injury. I am hoping with this new approach my injury days are over. Thanks Kasia, you are an inspiration and great motivator.”

— Amanda G.

“Mobility strength is one in a million. Coming from a powerlifting background and not knowing what to do with the (quarantine, lockdown, no gyms dilemma) this was the best thing I ever did in my three months of uncertainty during this world pandemic. Thank You Kaisa. It’s easy to follow and just helped me a lot I did not realize how tight my muscles were from not doing anything. This is my new love. 💪🏾”

— Rehema O.

“I really like your programm and just startet a week ago. I think the three versions of 40 / 30 or 10 minutes are perfect for choosing the right training for my own time schedule. The only thing I have to criticise is that I thought I would've three different trainings by buying this programm. Anyways - thank you so much! It's a lot of fun and your personality and way of thinking is just amazing!”

— Franziska S.

“I just tried the 10 min workout & it was great. I’m a 57 yr old yoga teacher in need of a shoulder replacement, so the type of yoga/movement I can do these days is limited. I was happy with how much of this I could do. Personally I would like to slow the moves down a bit, but I’m going to repeat this video a few times & once I know the moves I can go at my own speed! Can’t wait to try a longer one!”

— Bonnie K.

“This is a very different workout...but I'm all about switching things up and keeping my body guessing. For me to see progress, I've learned this is a requirement. The Mobility Strength regiment is fast-paced, and I've had to rewind a few times lol, but hey I'm reaping the benefits. I get my heart rate up, still, break a sweat, and even though I might be tired afterward...I feel strong, empowered! Don't sleep on Mobility Strength!”

— Sunshine J.

“Finding time it's a challenge working from home with child home. Was only able to complete the 10 minutes without being disturbed thank you. Now I paired it with some bike time say I am going to the store come back when I am ready lol”

— Djennie L.

“Really good and worth the $! I find it easy to follow and understand everything that is being said. Kaisa is a great instructor and knowledgeable about all things fitness. I will be using this as my go to for my morning routine. All I ask for is more videos!!”

— Markus H.

“Today was my first day trying this workout, even though I’ve had it for a week now. I’ve been reticent to try it because I’ve been dealing with injuries, surgeries to repair those injuries, and referred pain from same, for over three years. I was able to work through almost the whole work out; a couple I couldn’t do yet, and one I could only do once, but I’m thrilled with being able to do as much as I did! I’m looking forward to seeing good results as I continue with it.”

— Jenner A.

“I’m 56 and I exercise daily. This is exactly what my body needed. It’s an excellent stretching program. Looking forward to trying many more. 🙌”

— Francine L.

“Excellent sa prend du temps à assimiler tous les mouvements le rithme semble un peu plus rapide que les autres vidéos du mobility one”

— marechal x.

“I love this so, so much. I am someone who loves working out, but I spend almost no time stretching or working on mobility. I rarely do a warm-up or cool down. But I've been using mobility strength daily (the 10 minute program as a warm up & cool down, and the 30 minute program on my rest days), and its been incredible. I feel more mobile, less sore, and overall so much better. :)”

— Kat M.

“i just started and it looks fast pace but i was able to following her and i wanted to do another round! the stretch feeling is real!”

— andrea L.

“Kaisa got me moving in ways I didn't know I could! Mobility One was a game changer for me - it improved my training and really taught me how to pay attention to how my body feels. Mobility Strength is like the next step! Really loved the flow. I really did feel like I was working on my strength while still getting the moves from mobility work. Love it and will def be using this weekly!”

— Kimberly L.

“I finally found a workout that works for my circumstances and Kaisa motivates me to want to succeed and complete every move to the fullest extent of my capabilities! Thank you for helping me find my passion in ‘moving’ again... it’s been long overdue!”

— Gina M.

“Hey Kaisa and Team, I'm feeling so grateful to have you in my life as I strengthen my body, mind, and my resolve to be a better me in every way. Not saying perfect. Just better! I have a long way to go but I'm excited about joining you each day. -Chris”

— Chris H.

“Love the movements, would love a few more class options :)”

— Jen S.

“Ciao Kaisa, is about one test since I discovered you and I liked tour right away. I like the energy you transmit, the passion and care you put into your work... and Goi are Aldo a beautiful woman. Anyway ,I find your latest Non fantastic and I can fit it comfortably in my training session: the results are fantastic.”

— Napoli A.

“This has been a great addition to my daily routine. Now that cycling season is on I feel that I have a rounded plan going into summer”

— Cheryl C.

“I moved into this workout after doing Mobility One for many months. It is definitely more challenging than Mobility One, in a good way! It has taken me a few viewings of the instructional video, and I don't yet feel ready to move on the the quicker-paced version. But I really like the moves and the way my 67 year-old body feels afterwards! I will keep on practicing.”

— Molly A.

“I've been following Kaisa on IG for years and I love her inspiration positivity, and her badass workouts. When I saw that mobility strength came out I was excited because I already have mobility one, which I love, but I've been doing it for months so I wanted to change it up a little. I tried mobility strength and it's a great program, the only thing I wish is that it wouldn't go so fast. I don't feel like you can feel the mobility stretch part to it. Its more of a flow. I only tried it once, so maybe it'll get better as I continue to do it. But overall great program!”

— Danielle T.

“I love this new workout, it’s a great active recovery, I used to not like taking rest days because I tend to Fall off the wagon when I skip days.this active recovery ( mobility strenght) allows me to elevate my heart rate and work on mobility and it makes me feel accomplished :) I also love the 10 min mobility strenght I do it after my nightshift ( im a nurse) as a “decompression” before going to bed Love this ❤️”

— Sarah S.

“I just did my first session, kind of expecting a slow yoga restoration. Was I wrong! Such an incredible sweat in just 10 minutes without pushing my body to the limits! Can't wait to do more. Thanks Kaisa!”

— Caitlin M.

“I love it ! It reminds me the Power Yoga lesson I did at the Yoga Studio but more athletic and without all the 'ohm'. Thank you Kaisa from Italy!”

— Michela E.

“Hello thank you for your program. It's easy to see you have a lot of knowledge and put the sequence together really well. I am on a lot of yoga platforms (& a yoga teacher), and did feel it may be a little pricey for basically one sequence. I thought I was purchasing three sequences when I signed up. I also thought being an active session it would be great to see music with the session. I played my own but, usually works better with a specific playlist. Anyways, my 2 cents, thank you was a great workout, I also teach mobility exercises within my yoga realm and will be adding some of your style. With gratitude, Rosie”

— Rosie W.

“Much harder than Mobility One! Really works core and especially hips. Some of the movements are difficult and it would be good to understand if its a struggle to complete, then what are the steps needed to get there eventually.”

— Simon J.

“This one is intense, but challenging the way my body moves is exactly what I needed. As a fat strength athlete there were definitely some challenging moves but nothing was impossible. I have no doubts that it will get easier with time. My favorite thing with the mobility series is that whether it’s a deeper stretch or more precise movement, there is always something more you can get out of each move.”

— Autumn B.

“I've done the Instructional and 10 min workouts so far and I LOVE IT!! Definitely, challenging for me but that's exactly what I needed!! Mobility was never a focus in my exercise routine but now I realize just how much I need it. I love your energy, knowledge and encouragement to push through!!”

— Jakea C.

“Right after this sequence of movement it feels like I had unlocked all my joints and muscles. I feel so light and relaxed! I haven't felt this good in a long time.”

— Bea L.

“This program has all the best strength elements of Kaisa’s fitness programs, combined with all the mobility of her warm up and mobility programs. Can’t recommend it enough. I can’t wait to see how my body benefits from using this program regularly!”

— Victoria M.

“Great program. Love the combination of strength and mobility in one workout. Some of the moves are difficult for me due to one artificial knee and another one that needs to be replaced but I’m hoping it will help with hip mobility.”

— Eileen K.

“Proud owner of the MOBILITY ONE my staple Sunday routine. And I believed there nothing better than it. But here comes the MOBILITY STRENGTH oh damn... it’s definitely an upgrade it’s a perfect sweatish-stretch workout . Finding “Movement In Movement” just like kaisa says . Holy grail of mobility. Thanks kaisa for everything.”

— Karthick R.

“Mobility Strength was absolutely what I needed! This is not my first KaisaFit program and I know it won't be my last. It is amazing and I highly recommend it.”

— Jacquelyn M.

“A very nice work-out: effective and fun. Kaisa's imagination and enthusiasm are amazing”

— Massimo T.

“Hi there Kaisa! I am excited to be doing your mobility strength 🙏 What I like about it is, I really enjoy doing strength or resistance training usually done at the gym, due to Covid I have stopped 😩 I found myself stiffening up and aches and pains started to creep in due to not being active. So, to combine what I really like and what I really need is amazing!!! Of course the more I do, the better I feel 😁 Thank you Kaisa you’re AMAZING!!!!”

— Karina C.

“Thank you for taking interest in my opinion of your Mobility Strength workout. I absolutely LOVE the format, I appreciate the fact that you took the time to provide an extended version to breakdown the exercises and the queuing is on point. I'm currently struggling with pain from a torn meniscus and I wasn't able to do most of the exercises, I was wondering if you would consider creating a video that teaches folks to work around knee injuries to help strengthen and loosen the areas that support the knees. Just a thought :) Thank you for your investment in my/our health! You're an incredible instructor and I appreciate your openness and candor about your journey and struggles. And thank you for sharing the gift of strength and mobility.”

— Kira S.

“Will say queen thanks for this program...its challenging for me due to the hardware in my ankle my mobility to squat especially deep.... I would like not to mention how its a love/hate to create the bridges and to have foot swing open and to touch toes to ground 😵😵😵 whooosah by far my fav is the hip circle glute stretch 🤤🤤🤤”

— Michelle A.

“Love this new mobility routine! I really enjoy the dynamic movements that allow us to fully stretch and strengthen our bodies. It is a must-have for everyone who wants to give their body some well-deserved love ;)”

— Olivia P.

“This is perfect for me! I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and this will definitely help keep me strong and flexible. I'll b back for more after I use this for a few weeks!”

— Kathleen D.

“Absolutely love it! Keeps my entire body functioning more fluid. My hips feel a lot better when I do this program. Thanks Kaisa!”

— Pamela J.

“I really like the joint movement she offers. I felt so much better after doing the instructional video. I’ll keep with that one for now as I like the pace of it.”

— Marie J.

“i am have less joint pain more mobility, i feel great, it is a good workout. Will”

— William S.

“I was using the 10 min Mobility One to warm up most days of the week and loved it (I even got my mom to start using it to work on her mobility and she loves it and has become a Kaisa fan too!), so I was beyond delighted when Mobility Strength came out! I’ve only been using the 10 min warm up so far and it’s great. A little more intense than Mobility One— Different moves, it flows faster and Kaisa expects a little more from you such as jump switching your legs in one move. I love the deep stretches I get from this as it raises my heart rate as well. A perfect warm up/wake me up. Also, since I started doing these 10 min mobility routines in the last 2-3 months I’ve noticed I’ve gained quite a bit more range when I reach to touch my toes from standing. That sounds silly, but my whole life I’ve not been able to touch my toes so that’s a big deal for unflexible me!”

— Lana B.

“So far, so good! I recently started working on Mobility Strength and have been excited about how I feel each day after doing only the 10 minute version. As a 54 year old out of shape guy, I'm working my way up to the 30 minute flow video. Also as a 54 year old, I have small nicks and twinges in my body that sometimes derail my fitness plans. I am appreciative of your program and the focus on injury prevention and remediation. My shoulder and knee may never be the same as they were in my 20's, but I am encouraged by how I'm feeling after working with Mobility Strength. I do believe it will help me reach my goals!”


“The Mobility Strength routine is one of those mobility strength workouts that just wakes your whole body up. I am really impressed with it. Coming from a background of mostly strength training with weights, I didn’t realize how tight my body was. Mobility One loosened me up, then Mobility Strength took it to a whole new level. Thanks Kaisa Anthony Locke”

— Anthony L.

“I really like this program - its a great pairing with other kinds of exercise which work only certain muscle groups .... Im finding that this is a challenge for some of my joints, and for certain movements, which means its making my body stronger in more subtle ways.”

— kim m.

“Hi! Love The new program, and the instructional video is critical. I did it initially, and think I will go back to it again. I’m 65 and active, but evidently have not been doing enough squats and lunges! I also want to thank you for the information you put forth on anti-rascism. Love your INNER and outer strength! Pam”

— Pam L.

“I used the 10 minute class as my warm up to my workout and it felt great! Well explained movements at a speed that gets your blood pumping. I just purchased the program so I'm really looking forward to the 30 and 40 minute programs.”

— Kristin G.

“I love all these movements that it keep me in good shape! I am 62 years old and it's a great pleasure to follow all these exercises. It's a nice mix of yoga and cardio! Thank you so much! It keeps me alive!”

— Sylvie D.

“I’ve incorporated the Mobility Strength routine to my active rest days as well as Mobility Strength Mini after my workouts. It truly helps with my muscle recovery. I recommend this to anyone searching for effective ways to improve their mobility.”

— Sherly S.

“I just finished my second 30-minute routine, and I already feel such a difference! My random joint issues are clearing up quickly and my lower back has never felt better! It feels like nourishment for my entire body. I also felt stronger already in my second time through, and I know it's doing amazing things for my body. This workout has a permanent spot in my routine and I am a firm believer in Kaisa's methods now! Thank you, Kaisa!!”

— Quinn F.

“My body feels amazing! This is what I needed! Thank you Kaisa!”

— Nicole T.

“Love it!”

— Shannon D.

“Hi there. Kaisafit it's different from all the workouts I've tried till today. Different in the way it has new movements, very well structered, and above all the grasp that it's transmitted throug the exercises. Still evaluting the program, but for now it seems to be good. I would like to ask for something if possible, and that's if it's in any way possible to have a gallery of movements so we could build routines by ourselves. Carlos Silvestre”

— Carlos S.

“Did mobility 1, loved it & became more flexible. Mobility strength turns it up a notch, movement-mobility-strength-yoga all in one package. For someone like me I could achieve every movement without tying myself up in knots or even contemplating stopping. Thank you Kaisa for bringing me mobility & making me enjoy something I’ve traditionally avoided.”

— David L.

“I've been doing these exercises and the difference it has made to my knee pain due to tight glutes, magical I can go for runs and walk without any pain!!! This is the medicine, Thank you”

— Edson W.

“It‘s a very effectiv workout, that demands all muscles and joints. With the short version, it fits perfectly into everyday life. I love it.”

— Christine R.

“Amazing program! I currently use the mini version as a cool down after strength or cardio workouts and do the long flow version on the weekend, which works really well :)”

— Nathalie S.

“Perfect for my active rest day! And in general, Kaisa is awesome!”

— Siamack Z.

“Very useful for me. I like it .”

— Eihanni H.

“I loved this! It was easy to follow, lots of tips along the way and my body felt awesome afterwards. I cannot wait to do more. Thanks, Bron”

— Bronwyn B.

“I am loving the Mobility Strength program as It compliments my HIIT training. After doing Mobility One it is a step up but still includes all the important stretch combos. I feel I have more range of movement in my regular training and feel stronger in all movement. It is easy to follow and Kaisa interacts so well on screen. Thank You for a wonderful program!”

— Sue R.

“Great workout wish I was as good as you but I guess I will be if I keep doing this haha thankyou”

— Clara V.

“Absolutely love this new workout, love all your amazing combinations and twists on classic moves Like the needle tred, The lunges etc you gives us enough time to feel the move working.You are an inspiration my 56 year old self feels like the younger me afterwards. thank you Kaisa!!”

— Chantal D.

“Leave it to Kaisa to create this perfect workout. Moments of stillness, moments of movement, strength, a little cardio, mobility training and all with no equipment. So great. I am using this to center and strengthen my mind and body in this stressful world. Thank you, Kaisa!”

— Jessica W.

“At the start of 2020 (of what was supposed to be a great year...) I made a deal with myself to not become a little old lady (Im 48) that couldn't move, and that's when i found Mobility One. I needed something i could do with a bum ankle (old softball injury.) I started slowly, but very shortly I was up to the 40 min flow 4-5 times a week. Then the pandemic hit. I found myself alone, scared, terrified of everything. The anxiety was too much. MO saved my brain and my sanity. It was in my daily routine to boost energy, to add some normality to this weird world... ok, it was an escape, but better than binge eating, drinking or drugs, amiright? As with all workouts, i started to plateau and was looking to include some weight/strength training and *BOOM* MS dropped last friday with a sneak peak on FB Live. Like MO, I started with the 10 minute workout and, whoa, what a feeling! The sweat in ten minutes was more than i thought. I am very much looking forward to incorporating this an alternating between MO workouts. Kaisa, thank you for bringing some sanity into an upside down world right now... we need it more than ever. These are great workouts and i want to thank you for making me feel healthy, physically AND mentally. I wish you continued success to bring health to the world.”

— jen a.

“Dear Kaisa💪💪💪 I am personal trainer at burn out point. Didn't know in which direction to go anymore with my body and training, but your mobility strength was my breakthrough to understand how important is just to move. First time i felt moving through my entire body and it's super funny. You connected me again with my body❤❤❤❤❤ You are walking inspiration and incredible athlete. Now your mobility one and mobility strength is part of my active rest and warm up and cool down🤗. It helped me to enjoy and perform beter even my area of heavy lifting 💪💪💪I think if someone change this wrong fitness industry in a better and real way that will be for sure you💪💪💪All best”

— Isidora S.

“I can’t tell you how happy this makes me 🥳 I work a physical job and have been doing different types of mobility but this is unlike anything I have done - incorporating the strength portion along with the mobility is AMAZING! Thank you Kaisa for always being a rockstar!”

— Jen F.

“I’ve been following Kaisa for a couple years now but I’ve never actually purchased her workouts or flows. Let me tell you, I will be adding this to all my warmups it’s that good!! She created a wonderful flow routine that targeted some of those super tight areas, for me it’s the hips and butt. At the end of the routine she does a quick meditation/body scan which doesn’t seem that big of deal but your body and mind will thank you. She pumps you up the whole time, all you have to do is follow along. I’m so SO impressed, thank you for created something so special.”

— Katie G.

“Tried Mobility Strength for the first time today and absolutely LOVE it! Definitely a step up from Mobility One. This will be a weekly addition that I know I will see results from. Kaisa is an amazing instructor!”

— Jennifer S.

“Wow Mobility Strength is amazing!!!😍 This program challenges every part of my body. I have discovered flexibility in movements than I have ever done before. I love it and it is perfect to do it every day!!!💪🏼🙌🏼 ... Kaisa you are an excellent coach and trainer!!!”

— Wilmary S.

“I really like Kaisa’s programs. I am a 56 3/4 year old former college athlete & love the way she incorporates your entire body in her programs. Mobility Strength is a great stretch & strength program for me. I am challenged by a few moves & very interested to see how I progress. My core is sooo much stronger since I started doing her programs. 😍”

— Marcia S.

“Just what my body needed. I was feeling stuck physically and motivation-wise. The 10-min mini-program has restored my faith that I can find the time, strength, and stamina to get unstuck. Looking forward to trying out the longer programs in the next couple of days. Thanks!”

— Lisbeth R.

“Not only do I appreciate the mobility movements within this program, I absolutely love the way it’s pieced together! Kaisa does a great job of creating natural flows between movements that makes it easier to work through the program and leaves you feeling amazing afterwards. I also love that there’s a 10 minute version of Mobility Strength that I can work through on days that get super busy!”

— Noelia P.

“I’ve been struggling with mobility for awhile now. I was excited to try this new program and it did not disappoint. I am an avid runner with constant tight hips. After running 7 miles today I thought let me give it a try after my run. This program helped and I already feel the difference with my hip mobility and joint release! Thanks Kaisa!!!”

— Isaiah G.

“It helps with flexibility and yet include some strength moves too. You just shortened my workout time! X tks Kaisa!”

— Idelia T.

“I have never moved this way before!! Mobility Strength is super fun and is going to be my new go to workout! I have a tendency to get bored with workouts, but I could do this program over and over! I can't recommend this enough and hope there is more programs like this from Kaisa soon! ❤️”

— Taylor S.