β€” Matthew J.

“Did this for the first time today and my whole body is hummin'. Really amazing workout! Hope to make it part of my routine.”

β€” Alejandro F.

“Love it, love it, love it”

β€” Adele W.

“I wasn't able to complete the workout my first time thru but no shame just goals. Kaisa after the workout: "I hope your body feels better" Me:....🀨 NO! It feels like jello now! But I am 1000% grateful and motivated. Thank you for the incredible workout!”

β€” Terek G.

“This program is a must, you'll feel better from second 1!”

β€” Silvia G.

“This series got me going through tough times during the pandemic. There is no need for much room or fancy equipment, and you still get full-body engagement. Kaisa provided modifications, so as I was improving my stamina and mobility I still could challenge myself. I am planning to carry on with this program and get more variety soon.”

β€” Dragana S.

“This approach is so refreshing; instead of tradition long holds or the fast paced crunching body pump, Kaisa teaches gentle constant movement, focus on form and flow, strengthening, elongation AND mobility for our joints... everything in one place. Loving Kaisa!!!! Many many thanks!”

β€” Allison F.

“I love it!”

β€” Monique P.

“Really enjoy this.”

β€” Jackie G.

“Amazing ! I’m becoming more flexible and finding following the movements easier now 4 weeks in the programme. With this mobility core video, I recognise and feel which part of my body is working (glutes and core are trying to keep up πŸ€—) Thank you Kaisa - you are a true Inspiration xo”

β€” Patricia R.

“Love it”

β€” Tearha H.

“I'm in my last year of graduate school, working part-time, and have my kid at home for online school. Not to mention that even if I had the ability to go to the gym right now, I wouldn't really feel safe! These workouts make everything accessible and I am so happy with how I'm feeling. I started with Mobility One, and after noticing a big improvement in my upper back pain and my hip soreness/tightness almost gone I bought the whole package. I'm starting to get used to the Core routine (I plan on slowly introducing routines 1 at a time) and I hope I continue to see improvements over time as I add in the other workouts. I'm not normally someone who leaves a review, so that is how much I appreciate Kaisa and her workouts, haha!”

β€” Emily F.

“You are the best πŸ˜ƒ I was a CrossFit girl after my shoulder injury you are my saver thank you πŸ’―% the bestπŸ‹πŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸ€ΈπŸΎβ€β™€οΈπŸ€½πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈπŸ§˜πŸ½β€β™€οΈ”

β€” Marie G.

“As a 32 year old female, I've been moving my body through pilates, yoga, heavy lifting and the list goes on, for 10+ years. Over the last year, my hips and lower back pain have really kept me from moving the way I hope to. My pain is not gone, but it's a hell of a lot better since using Mobility Core and other Kaisa programs! I've awakened parts of my body in ways I haven't in the past. I appreciate that no matter what program you do, you are toning your whole body, little by little.”

β€” Tiffany C.

“Man! After only two sessions I knew that this is what my body needed! I feel so much more confident now when weight training because I know that I've worked areas to help prevent me from injury. You're on to something here!!! There aren't many mobility focused programs out here so I feel extremely blessed and excited about where I'm heading as well as where this program is heading! keep up the great work and keep inspiring us to MOVE!”

β€” Ashley H.

“I'm in my last term of a graduate program, working full time, and parenting a 4th grader doing distance learning due to covid. As you can imagine, I am stressed. I normally am quite active--lifting, running, etc. But none of that has appealed to me lately. The core program has been just what I need. It is challenging--the first few times I did it I was FEELING it for days. But it is challenging in a restorative way. It gets me out of my head and into my body. It gets me to focus on my breath. To get my shoulders away from my ears. Kaisa is so postive and encouraging. And I love the variety of time commitments. I really appreciate this! Go team!”

β€” Natalie P.

“it's been going well. I already feel my core is stronger. some of the moves are hard for me to do, I also get pretty sweaty and that's on the intro video. My goal is to strengthen my core to help with me sitting the trot on my horse. Im definitely feeling a difference already. Thanks, Lisa”

β€” Lisa C.

“Fantastic combination of strengthening your core and working on your flexibility and mobility.”

β€” Mark P.

“I absolutely adore Kaisa and this Mobility Core series! The focus on form over speed is perfect for me as so many of these moves can be difficult and if not done correctly lead to injuries (been there!) I can not recommend any of the Mobility series enough, they are all just fantastic. Thank you, Kaisa, you're such a gem x xo Danielle”

β€” Danielle D.

“It's my first time tonight trying the "core" and I love it. I love how you keep encouraging us as if we were with you! Thank you. I'm certain my core, my back will get better with those exercises. Claudine (Quebec, Canada)”

β€” Claudine L.

“really good routines! just thought the 10 min one needed just one more movement...some sort of deep lunge for the hip flexors. thanks!”

β€” steve b.

“I'm quite trained in Pilates but this workout left me with quite painfull whrist and hip....”

β€” Karlijn H.

“Love it! Great warmup for harder workouts or a good workout for lazy days. Would love for you to add more of the short 10 minute workouts for all of the series.”

β€” Shawn O.

“The best 29.00 that I have ever spent! Thank you!!”

β€” Thurun G.

“Thank you Kaisa! I really liked this one! Greetings from Helsinki! πŸ’•”

β€” Heidi L.

“From: @aDivaLasVegas Thanks Kaisa! Joined Mobility Core because of your AWESOME IG previews. The movements are all BADASS and FUN! Spent a year in Pilates Reformer classes doing 4 INT and 1 ADV per week so your movements, cues and pace are familiar. Spent the first five sessions doing the 40 min INTRO to make sure I was following maintaining good form and just finished my 1st 30 min FLOW! Yay!!! Cheers and Best Wishes for our continued progress and success ;-)”

β€” Cheryl F.

“I was very satisfied about exercises, explanations and clarity of video!”

β€” Sorin G.

“Really great instruction. I have always exercised purposefully throughout my life. In my late 30's I developed multiple herniated discs to my lower back. 6 years later, I am still struggling with pain, but have remained determined to get back to fitness throughout. Kaisa instructs in a way that I finally get the exercises instead of powering through them. Due to incorrect form and avoiding many exercises due to pain, I realize just how out of shape my core is. I've been doing fairly strenous workouts overall before this, but still took three tries before I could get all the way through the mobility strength or core instruction. And I use all the modifications. Its really hard for me to do floor work due to low back strain. Some yoga and pilates classes can put me in bed for a day or so. I'm taking my time and have a good feeling that this is what my body has been missing to strengthen the lower back while improving flexibility. Support in all the right places. Feeling pretty good so far!”

β€” Nora S.

“it was great the whole time i was working i could feel my body becoming more loose and able to move, while still working out my muscles and making them stronger. After everything was done we go into a really relaxing meditation. all in all it leaves you feeling good about yourself and feeling good about life! i recommend this to everyone, to people in any sport or to people not in sports! it was Fantastic!”

β€” KarieAnn H.

“I have been a gym rat for my whole life but this past year as the gyms were closed my body got super tight and i started noticing inflexibility in my hip and low back pain. This mobility series helps me feel great, its really helped my stiffness and brought mobility back to my body. Once I am done this workout the rest of my day is much less painful.”

β€” Cassi B.

“What a great addition to our workout routine, especially with the covid-19 closures! My husband is so inflexible, and I have struggled to find ways to help him incorporate flexibility. I am a retired dancer, so I love mobility and flexibility. Mobility Core and Mobility Cardio actually motivates him! Thank you, Kaisa!”

β€” Stacey W.

“Oh...my...goodness! I've only done the mini so far but I was pleasantly sore after my first session, which tells me it was working my muscle groups. Thank you for helping me get back on the fitness train!”

β€” Robin L S.

“Love it. This is fresh, and works wonders for my back, hips and core - having suffered from a discal hernia and scoliosis, but still trying to stay active and strong. This Core program is really good.”

β€” Kaisa K.

“Just did the 10 core mobility for the first time, and WOW!!! I feel challenged already. After 4 kids getting my core strong again is essential. I love her energy!! I feel I can do this !!!”

β€” Jillian D.

“Kaisa!!!!! I am in LOVE with your workouts!!! I've been heavy weight training, teaching fitness, running miles and miles, and now looking to stay fit and feel great! I found #KAISAFIT !!!!!!!! This specific workout has helped me do the core workout I feel, keeps you strong, and feeling great without the pain and impact on your joints. Thank you for creating this amazing workout!!!!!”

β€” Carrie H.

“I just completed this workout! Kaisa kept me motivated these movements are great, it was a lot of fun. I feel good!”

β€” Sunni H.

“I have had this for a week, I have done mobitlity core and strength, and these programs are awesome!! As an ex-wildland firefighter, I struggle with some long term injuries and these are really good workouts that actually improve my injuries! Love it!”

β€” Ann H.

“I am in love with the Mobility Core! I have a hip impingement and my physio says I need to strengthen my core and glutes to help stabilize and strengthen the hip joint. I do the longer mobility core session on my non-gym days, and the shorter one before or after work (desk job) and my hip feels so much better! I now have zero to minimal hip pain even after heavier lift days at the gym, whereas before I'd sometimes have pain for several days afterwards. The combo of stretching, mobilizing and strengthening I get from each session has been magic. Definitely going to make it a permanent part of my workout regimen.”

β€” Erita H.

“Kaisa's Mobility Core is my absolute favorite core workout. It is challenging, but I can feel my core strength improve every day.”

β€” Amanda B.

“Very nice routine. Unfortunately the sound track varies from a whisper to normal conversation tone. Mostly the sound track is very low.”

β€” Wendy H.

“Really well rounded core workout. I do yoga regularly so I enjoyed the asana- like poses combined with more challenging moves. And each segment is short enough not to get bored or frustrated.”

β€” Kristine C.

“I love this!! It's like yoga, but far less repetitive and with more energy. I can tell that I'm going to benefit greatly from this. It's really great for all levels, so give it a try.”

β€” Kathy A.

“Really Enjoying this core work out really pulls the abs in. Hard at the start but stick with it and your body will thank you for it.”

β€” Gavin M.

“Great core workout - you can feel it working as you do it. Will definitely keep going with this one.”

β€” Sandra M.

“Love this mobility series!!!”

β€” Esther H.

“Great start for me. Greetings from Norway.”

β€” Trond H.

“I kept seeing this program pop up on my feed and I finally bought the package for all 4 programs. I have yet to try cardio mobility and mobility one but I am really excited to try them because mobility core and strength have been game changers. I remember hearing Kaisa say that she is so used to doing these super high intensity workouts and slowing down in these programs has really helped. I also feel like I am always going so hard and try to stretch or do yoga but as a single mom in nursing school with little free time, I just want to have a good hard workout. Having these programs as an option has been so amazing. I get to actively stretch and recover while still challenging my body. My time is precious so I’m so happy that I found Kaisa to help incorporate so much into a 30 minute workout. Thank you”

β€” Roxy C.

“I really enjoy these workouts. They are a combination of yoga, Pilates and strength. Worth the time and money!”

β€” joanna p.

“My 53 year old back is pain free with regular (4-5x/week) Mobility Core workouts. Deceptively challenging. Wonderfully satisfying. I actually crave this workout in the mornings. And, partnered with daily mediation, it's keeping me sane (and fit) during these strange times. Much thanks, Kaisa.”

β€” therese s.

“I just started mobility core and i love it. It’s got a great pace and really allows me to focus on strength. I use the 30 minute program before doing a 15 minute cardio type program followed by stretching. I can see how much easier squats and lunges are becoming already. Core mobility doesn’t feel β€œhard” instead it feels right for what my body needs and wants.”

β€” Denise B.

“I just started mobility core and i love it. It’s got a great pace and really allows me to focus on strength. I use the 30 minute program before doing a 15 minute cardio type program followed by stretching. I can see how much easier squats and lunges are becoming already thanks to the core mobility work. It’s amazing because the core mobility doesn’t feel β€œhard” instead it feels right for what my body needs and wants.”

β€” Denise B.

“I've been tempted by this routines on social media for some time - and I'm pleased to finally try Mobility Core as my first Kaisa fit routine. I've just completed the first 40 mins intro, its great but the sound quality is very low. I am hearing impaired but even with hearing aids and the speaker at full blast, I'm struggling to follow what's being said without reading subtitles (which get in the way of seeing and doing the moves). Can you please consider re-dubbing -its odd that this isn't an issue with any of the trailers or YouTube videos (which are the reason I purchased Mobility Core). I know this will become a favourite routine - but I'd like to hear it too :)”

β€” Vanessa H.

“Been using the workout as a sort of rehab for persistent shoulder injury and tight hips from cycling, like Kasias prompts about form and been feeling pain relief in my shoulders and hips after doing the sessions a couple times a week for the last month. Feels like a good quick workout for a mobility routine as well”

β€” Ari P.

“I love this programme. I have only been doing it for one week and noticed a big change in my core and hips in my bike. Some if the exercises are a bit hard for me and that's OK. I just do what I can and will progress over time. Well recommended.”

β€” Karyn C.

“Perfect exercise for active recovery days. I love yoga but lately have been gravitating to HIIT and strength training. My body has been begging me to add mobility exercises back into the routine and after doing mobility core for the first time I feel great!”

β€” Natalie R.

“A little bit hard for beginners like me but I'm sure I will get there”

β€” Mary M.

“I'm obsessed with this workout. My back has never felt better, I feel so much stronger, and I'm amazed at how quickly I'm improving on the moves. Kaisa is a terrific instructor and every time she says "yes, team!" I smile. :)”

β€” Casie P.

“I bought all three mobility workouts and Mobility Core is by far my favorite. I was struggling with a knee injury and it has helped tremendously! It has some elements that feel like pilates which I really enjoy, and I have found it to be the most challenging of the three mobility options, but I like that. I feel like this workout has helped me approach fitness during quarantine in a healthier way than I was able to before and I really like that the emphasis is on physical health and not physical appearance.”

β€” Blake C.

“Love it! Changed my body dramatically!! Can’t wait to try the other videos”

β€” Molly M.

“I am in my 3rd week of Mobility Core. I am doing the 30 minute or the mini 10 minute program daily. It is a top rate core program that is challenging for me. Kaisa is an amazing, educated, and fun trainer. Every part, every movement has a purpose. With your purchase Kaisa also has an instructional video which is a great starting point. You can also go back and review some of the movements if you are not sure or if you want some extra instructions - I like this feature. The 10 mini program is perfect for busy days when you feel like you have zero time to excersize. I use the mini as my warm up before running. Thank you Kaisa for Mobility Core! - Lena (53 years old SwedishAmerican hobby runner)”


“I found it very difficult but have modified it to my level. I will continue to improve with the goal of completing the whole series of moves. Good instruction and a vibrant instructor. I am enjoying it.”

β€” John C.

“Love the functional focus in this work out - I will be mixing this into my routine frequently! Thank you, Kaisa!”

β€” Lindsay B.

“I have a rotator cuff sprain, some of the moves were difficult to do successfully. Especially the bridge pose. I only did the 10min video. Do you have any suggestions or modified moves that would help?”

β€” Donna B.

“I absolutely love this video! I’m Certified Ironman Coach, U.S. Masters Swim Coach, RRCA Running and wish all my clients would do this video. It’s great for the hips, glutes and core! It’s also short and sweet-right to the point which is perfect when you have a heavy week training load. You will not be disappointed! -Renee”

β€” Renee S.

“Awesome workout, love Kaisa’s style!”

β€” Perrin B.

“Amazing workout! Although I can’t quite manage all the reps yet and struggle with my shoulder strength in my side planks but this plan is certainly worth the money! I can see/feel a difference already. Thanks Kaisafit”

β€” Lesley G.

“Super interesting class! Similar to barre or floor pilates with a lot of overlapping movements. Now that I've taken the instructional video I look forward to adding this into my workout program. One accessibility issue: the audio is very, very low and there are no captions. I am not hearing impaired and yet I missed a lot of cues because, even with my audio on my laptop turned up all the way, I could not hear the instructor's voice. Towards the end I literally held the laptop to my ear to listen to the breathing instructions.”

β€” Kathryn C.

“Pros: Great core work. I I love that with one price you get 3 different timed videos. Cons: I believe it may not work for a beginner because she offers no variations for it which may be discouraging. I don’t really care for β€œ go team””

β€” Deena P.

“This is really good :)”

β€” Sharron B.

“Love this program! I have only used the leveln1 program. I need more strength to move on to rhe faster flow. I have used it 4 times, the first time i thought, no way i can be that good! BUT each time i get a little better! Love the program.”

β€” Patricia H.

“Excellent! I’m loving it. Still cant throw my legs over my head without using momentum like I did not too long ago But I’ll get there.”


“I love it! I grew up with my mom doing Kathy smith and all your workouts are so much more fun to me.”

β€” Theresa B.

“I feel like Kaisa is taking care of me. She is positive and she's a great teacher. She isn't making me memorize complicated choreography or feel bad about myself, she's just making my body feel better, stronger and more flexible. I needed this! Great workout.”

β€” Ashlea-Elizabeth S.

“Some of the moves (e.g. rolling back into plow position) are too advanced for me, and there's no alternative move or modification given.”

β€” Katherine B.

“Amazing mix between mobility and core. Love your mobility one and this variation is just as amazing. Thank you for the new content.”

β€” Dalye E.

“Kaisa's Mobilty Core workout has been a great start for strengthening my core. I would love to see a level type series as my core becomes stronger, so that i can maintain this momentum and also push further.”

β€” Nicholas P.

“A great mixture of movement and core work! Great to get the body moving with a little extra oomph!”

β€” Fiona C.

“Another great mobility workout. After doing the workouts for few weeks I'm better at engaging my core and have more mobility on my left side, which is always my tighter side.”

β€” Divine C.

“I have only had Mobility Core for one week. It is super challenging for my current level of (un) fitness, but I've been able to modify the exercises to my ability level, still feel like I've gotten a great workout, and am not sore the next day - which is surprising and awesome. I am excited to be able to measure my gains as I get better at doing the exercises. Hoping eventually I'll be able to touch my knee to my elbows in the pushup position like Kaisa makes look so easy! I also love that there is a lot of emphasis on proper mechanics & breathing. Working all these muscle groups in a full range of motion and stretching them right away feels very healthy and balanced. LOVE IT!!!”

β€” frances o.

“Absolutely amazing. My upper abs right under my breast started cramping up. I haven't felt those in a long time😊. I've done the mobility core one time, & at this point I don't understand why I still have a stomach, that's how great this workout is.. This mobility core has your joints feeling brand-new. I love it❀”

β€” Tawana T.

“Very dynamic and painless”

β€” kat G.

“Hello Kaisa, So, I have two spinal fusions all the way to the sacrum. That makes some of your moves impossilbe. I've worked around what I can't do by doing something else during that series. The rolling up/sit up is a problem, but I'm working on getting that belly button down!!! I have been consistantly working on the floor with a big ball to keep my pain free. Now I'm adding your routines. The 40 minute kicked my butt with sweat and trying to keep up the first time. I'll keep at it because I know if my core is stable, my back and balance are stable. Thank you for an affordable program.”

β€” MT S.

“Fantastic workouts- the 10 minute section is great as a daily mobility routine or to add on to the end of another workout. This has already improved my hip flexibility, which really helps me as a mountain biker. Thanks so much!”

β€” James C.

“Fantastic workouts- the 10 minute section is great as a daily mobility routine or to add on to the end of another workout. This has already improved my hip mobility, which really helps me as a mountain biker. Thanks so much!”

β€” James C.

“This is one of the best workouts I have ever done. Forget about Yoga or Pilates. Mobility comprises this and much more. Mobility gets you ready to move up to the next level.”

β€” maggy v.

“This workout is not only effective, it's positive. It's the perfect match to my street skating.”

β€” Tina S.

“Hi Kaisa, let me just say I love your program. It's tough because I haven't worked out in a while and although my mind may be young my body is still 55 now. Harder to recover from the workouts and I'm not able to go at your speed but I'm gaining. I feel you can't really do anything without a good core. I'm training to be a volunteer firefighter and it's tough training. Another plus to this program is I was never a fan of stretching, and incorporating it into the exercise routine was beneficial. Any help would be greatly appreciated Kaisa. Keep up the great work.πŸ™πŸ™πŸ˜·”

β€” Anthony T.

“This program is great. Can't say I always love it because it's tough! I bought it because I need the mobility portion because age is catching up with me! Thanks for the encouragement to keep active and fit.”

β€” Lynette C.

“For me, a very interesting approach, maybe just a little difficult for my type (really overweight, with a very large belly). I've continued to try day by day and some of the movements are now doable so I should persist and hopefully I will manage with all soon. To be continued....”

β€” Marie D.

“Some of the movements were too difficult for me, so feel I got less value for the Mobility Core than for the Mobility One which I absolutely love! For someone in good shape and wants innovative moves this is probably great.”

β€” Sarianne S.

“I enjoyed it and she does a good job to keep you info with the moves...”

β€” carlos m.

“Omg! That was amazing but difficult! Difficult in a good way however. I am looking forward to next week to push myself a little more. There are a couple things I cannot do due to past shoulder injuries but i just move onto the next thing. Thank you for this 🀘”

β€” Val L.

“Yes team!”

β€” Lisa B.

“I tend to have lower back pain from herniated disc and tight hip flexors. In just 2 weeks, this series has helped with strengthening core, range of motion, and stretching all the right places! I even feel less tension in my upper back/shoulders area. 30 min is my go-to, but it's easy to get in 10 mins and still feel good!”

β€” Danielle M.

“I work as a letter carrier and carry an average of 50 lbs per day of mail for five or six hours. I recently strained my lower back. I started to have treatment with a chiropractor and started using your program. Both treatments have really lessened my pain and my tight hip flexors are loosening up. Thank you for a great program”

β€” Madeline D.

“Fantastic workout! My hips are finally feeling strong and flexible again. I got all tree workouts. Thank you so much”

β€” Jean-Marie S.

“Just did my first workout and did the 40 min instructional one. I love her encouragement and she is very motivational without being over the too which is awesome! The workout is very intense and is a full body workout for sure, not just the core. I can wait to do more!”

β€” Melinda R.

“After doing Mobility One for over 6 months and feeling great, I was very excited for Mobility Core. I just completed it for the first time and I feel great! It was difficult but I'm looking forward to keep doing it and improving over time :) I recommend Kaisa's mobility workouts to everyone - they work wonders. Thank you <3”

β€” Nina B.

“I love These workouts. The instruction is clear and there is genuine enthusiasm. The volume is a little low...but I’m going to hook up a speaker. Thank you. Hope more are coming!”

β€” Martha M.

“Love the new mobility core. Some of the exercises really hit the core like nothing else does - and I've done a lot of core stuff in the past.”

β€” Julie B.

“I have been lifting heavy for a while now and for a month I have been feeling the tightness in my hips and lower back affect my routine. I knew mobility was the answer since I don't have it in my routine. A 5 to 10 minute cool down wasn't serving me anymore. That's where Kaisa's program has helped. The first few minutes of the drill, It felt all too new like my body was hitting angles and opening up like it hadn't in a long long time. 40 minutes in, my body felt way lighter. I am so glad I purchased this. Is a perfect filler for my rest days which help keeps my lower back intact.”

β€” Poornima B.

“What a wonderful program! I love how encouraging Kaisa is and the program itself is something I can use to grow over time. I love the ability to scale and she gives many variations to the movements. Beginner and expert alike can grow and get stronger with Mobility Core!”

β€” Destry J.

“Love this workout! Good core workout--it was doable but also hard for me. I work out a lot (run/bike) but haven't done serious core in awhile. I definitely had to take some breaks!! Excited to master it! Love that it integrated the movement which I feel is super important to keep my body functioning!!”

β€” Wendy L.

“I've been doing this workout for a week and from the beginning I started feeling great. I really enjoy it. It's a fun and challenging weekly routine. I love your enthusiasm and smile. Thank you Kaisa!”

β€” Jose D.

“Love this new type of workout, it takes some getting used to. But it will form part of my fitness plan.”

β€” Denise C.

“I just started today and it's a bit tough for me but I love it!! Its been awhile since I've done this type of workout for core and mobility but I know from the first moment I started that I need this. Thanks you so much for these techniques. Yes Team!!”

β€” Shewanna H.

“Haven’t gotten Through the whole thing yet but I’m working on it love it so far”

β€” Genevieve K.

“I really enjoyed the "integrated and integrative" movements though they kick my butt - in a good way. Thanks for making this available in our homes.”

β€” Deborah K.

“Excellent work out, I was a little shakey at first but I'm getting better and enjoying every minute of it.”

β€” Tricia A.

“I love these workouts! Thank you for your enthusiasm and fantastic variety.”

β€” Elizabeth A.

“He push me a lot, I love you Kaisa”

β€” marechal x.

“So far I have done the 10 minute core session twice and about 20 minutes of the 30 minute core. I loved all of it. I definitely find it challenging and I look for the hints you provide to make modifications. I also can hear you saying to try it and that makes me push myself and I may do 1-3 of some move as you demonstrate and the rest with a modification but that is great. When I saw this was available on my iPhone IG app and started to buy it, there was an offer to get Mobility One for 50% off. But when I bought Mobility Core online, the offer wasn't available. I think it would be a great benefit to have both.”

β€” lisa h.

“Tried the core workout last night. I enjoyed it and will add it into my weekly routine. I know it works because it left me slightly sore even though I work my core several times a week. I firmly believe in healing through movement. Great job!”

β€” Linda K.

“As someone who was very active and then needing hip surgery over a year ago nothing about my mobility, flexibility and workouts have been the same. Now suffering with plantar fasciitis things are even more difficult when trying to get in that exercise. I was gifted the mobility one workout to help with stretching and loved it so much I purchased the mobility core workout. It was eye opening, reminding me at a time when I have been low about a few things especially beimg more active, that my core is way stronger then I thought and bodies are an amazing thing coming in all different shapes and sizes. I am grateful for the reminder of all of the unbelievable things your body can do for you no matter what it looks like! I especially love the breathing and relaxation at the end which really allows me to get in touch with my body and truly relax!”

β€” Rachel T.

“Well explained all exercises and good body awareness encouraged to perform exercises well”

β€” Lisa B.

“Another great video with a variety of moves - some that I have not used before. This helps keep the boredom out of my daily workouts. Thank you, Kaisa.”

β€” Debra H.

“What a great video, thank you Kaisa for this challenging workout. My abs will love it ;-)”

β€” Christine R.

“Loved it! Holy cow it was hard work but I know core work is my weak point so I can’t wait to see my progress. Thank you.”

β€” Estela M.

“Mobility Core is the next level! For me, the challenge keeps me coming back for more and Mobility Core doesn't disappoint. It sits perfectly after Mobility One & Mobility Strength and both segue into the intensity of Core. Make sure you have plenty of room to workout and prepare to upgrade your body & mobility with this work!”

β€” Jason P.

“Deceptively challenging! I really love all the workouts in the mobility series! I have been loving flow workouts that combine strength training with physically therapeutic movements and here am I! Kaisa’s personality is great! You can tell she is an expert when she gives education and explanation during the exercises. I’m not very flexible and nothing in the workout was impossible. My only criticism for this (as well as other videos) is the audio. The instructional video for Core is a bit quiet so I had to crank the volume to hear her.”

β€” Jacky F.

“An absolutely great workout! I have been working out at home for over 20 years since I started a family and going to the gym simply took too much time away from work and home. I love the mobility workout variations. I feel like I get it all in and don't have to do anything else that day.”

β€” April U.

“I love it!!!. Just as much as all the other Mobility programs. They have helped me enormously. Thank You Very Much!!! I fell great!! ;)”

β€” Ana Paula O.

“I have purchased all the Mobility workouts so far and love them all. I wasn't planning on purchasing Core yet, although when I saw where the proceeds were going I went for it! I have gone through it twice (40 min and 10 min) and while it gets quite challenging for me, I am glad I have it in my repertoire. Thank you for your passion, I look forward to what you bring us in the future.”

β€” Csandra C.

“This is the 3rd program I’ve purchased and I’ll keep doing so with any new programs. I went through a horrible 3-year cancer stint followed by permanent autoimmune changes and I did not feel like I could trust my body’s movements to be pain free or safe anymore. I’ve been doing one of the three programs every day for at least 4 months and yesterday I played tag with son for the first time. Thank you thank you thank you!”

β€” Trisha B.

“I didn't know it then, but this is exactly what I needed! Mobility Core ties in perfectly with the other Mobility programs, and they really complement each other well. For me, Mobility Core is my go-to when I don't feel like a really hard workout but still want to get my sweat on and feel like I've done some work :) Thanks for putting those awesome programs out there!”

β€” Nathalie S.

“I like the exercises and they do get tough through the session. However, I feel like there should be much more than 1x 10 minute 1x 30 minute and 1x 40 minute (instructional) video for the price I paid. I will probably only end up using the 30 minute flow session, would have been good to have 1x instructional for all the exercises, then a number of variations of the flow incorporating those exercises in the instructional. I will probably not buy another program, I don't think I'm getting much for my money (I'm in Australia so bought the Mobility Core + Mobility One pack for equivalent of $AU75)”

β€” Megan M.

“I love the core mobility program I have felt the benefit immediately & now do it every Wednesday & the 10min session on Mondays & Fridays. I cannot wait to see the results in 6 weeks time if I feel this good already.”

β€” Kate W.

“Thank you for blending two workouts into one! I have a knee issue I'm dealing with and haven't been able to find a workout that challenges me without causing me pain. This workout is perfect, it challenges my core and adds the mobility component which we all need but so often neglect. THANK YOU AGAIN! Keep up the amazing work.”

β€” Kira S.

“I wish I could hug youπŸ€—my body is so much stronger doing all of your mobility and core programs. Thank you for showing up and living your passion and sharing your gifts. You have changed my life even more during all of this 2020 rebirth πŸ˜‡πŸ‘Š”

β€” Arleen B.

“An excellent, well-designed workout!”

β€” Moira H.

“I have purchased all the Mobility workouts by Kaisa. I enjoy the core as I feel that the core is an integral part of your total system. I have found a few exercises in the Mobility Core that I have incorporated into my clients warmup and workouts. If you are looking to strengthen your core without relying on crunches and sit-ups, then I highly recommend purchasing this system.”

β€” Mark L.

“very good and challenging workout. I do think the one thing missing from this (and the mobility strength workouts) are some modifications. This is particularly important for people beginning and/or recovering from injuries.... and also for people with wrist issues (given the amount of time spent in plank/downdogs/bears) also, as I am learning more about mobility, and a lack thereof, I have learned that ankle mobility is a real issue for many people and it impacts knee mobility for things like deep squats - so maybe some exercises or modifications (or more explanation why it might be needed)”

β€” Lisa C.

“Thanks for your innovation. I have been using the Mobility One routine weekly for over a year, and it’s nice to change things up! So your new routines such as Mobility Core which is more are focused are quite welcome. Especially during COVID isolation (not sick-it’s working) it’s great to have something positive to focus energy on. I feel Mobility One is my main overall go-to, though Mobility Core gives good variety-switches things up. Perhaps in the future there is a upper body routine to focus on working the tension developed from sitting at a computer? I feel I get relief from doing Mobility One, love Sunrise Arm, Thread The Needle, Chest Openers, Rotations, etc Thanks for being genuine.”

β€” Marcie L.

“Only 2 workouts in and already feeling stronger!”

β€” Theresa G.

“I only just bought this program, and I have only been through the 40 minute intro. But that was a tough workout! Her program is easy to follow, you don’t need much other than a mat (so far), she’s encouraging Easy to understand. I would like to see maybe a side video of what exercise is coming up next and a modification if there is one for a exercise. But again I’ve only done the intro and haven’t looked ahead. I only saw the Intro, a 30 minute tab and 10 minute tab I am hoping that I didn’t spend over $30 CDN for only three videos one being a intro. I am hoping that once I click in one of those tabs it lists at least a few different workouts. I should look at my account.”

β€” Brandy W.

“I love it but it's a little bit too hard for me... I though that I was better than I am ;) Thank you Sylvie”

β€” Sylvie D.

“I love the idea of Mobility Core, but I am struggling with all the rolling movements. My tailbone protrudes at the bottom, so I cannot roll smoothly. I have to roll to the side or it's very painful for me. I wish there were less moves that required this technique.”

β€” Elizabeth L.

“ABSOLUTELY LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Such a great workout! As a Powerlifter, my core is key to ALL of my lifts. Also, being 6 months postop, re-strengthening my core has been paramount. This workout is absolutely wonderful! I use it as my warm up before I lift with my trainer and on off days, I start my morning off with this workout. I am so incredibly grateful to Kaisa and her programs! My trainer is also thrilled that I'm doing Kaisa's programs at home to supplement my training in the gym. KAISAFIT is life changing! I highly recommend it!”

β€” Jasmin M.

“Great workout, really hurts (but in a good way!!)”

β€” Simon J.

“Love it. Your work outs are never boring. I love how you work the supporting muscle of the core and include mobility ❀️. My only complaint is I wish you taught daily online ha ha Thank you for your love and light”

β€” Candi B.

“I love the new Mobility Core routines!!! Great workouts!!”

β€” Laura C.

“Mobility core is so much more! The 40 min got me ready and made the 30 min easy to keep going. Love the flow. Can't wait until "next time" which is tomorrow for me. I have a long way to go, but feeling great and solid on sticking with this because I can already tell how helpful it is in many ways. Thanks to the core! Go Team! - Chris H.”

β€” Chris H.

“Awesome! Feels so good afterwards. The frog bridge is something I have never done before and it's great! I would definitely incorporate this into my regular workout regimen. Thanks Kaisa for bringing this to us. Waiting for the sequel!”

β€” Koko B.

“This was the perfect combination of mobility and core strength! Such a nice addition to a recovery day or on top of a workout. Thanks for always pushing the game forward, Kaisa!”

β€” Kayli M.

“I love all of Kaisa's workouts! Her positivity and her energy are contagious. I've been doing her workouts since March and I feel better than I ever have. Each day I look forward to exercising and I love seeing the results. The best part is the workouts fit into my lifestyle and I can do these every day, choosing what works for me on any given day. I plan on doing these workouts forever not just to loose weight or temporarily tone up; I want it to be a way of life. I love how I feel and always want to feel this way! Thanks, Kaisa!”

β€” Shellah P.

“LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this video! Perfect way to enhance your body’s mobility while focusing on your core! I’ve done the 40 minute instructional video and it was an amazing workout! Felt wonderful afterwards! Kaisa has a great way to encourage you to be And so your best! Thanks Kaisa!”

β€” Marisa V.

“I absolutely love this workout!! The moves are super unique and fun to follow along with. I am totally hooked on Kaisa's mobility products, I literally can't recommend them enough, and this one is no different!”

β€” Taylor G.